Nature Photography: Air

FalconWhile some animals aren’t exclusive to colder climates, certain varieties are. An example is this falcon I photographed. The white plumage is the perfect complement to any winter decor. Plus, the wood board background adds a rustic feel to any space. This picture can be hung in a main living area, bedroom, or office. You can frame as many types of animals that you’d like-your only limitation is your imagination.

Nature Photography: Land and Sea

Polar BearThumbing through a magazine you notice the awe-inspiring nature photographs of animals. How can you do the same thing without extensive travel?  Visit you local zoo or aquarium!  Bring your camera and you too can take inspiring nature photos. Since it’s winter, take photos of animals that live in colder climates. This picture I took of a polar bear would be a great addition to my winter decorating scheme. Frame the picture, or groups of pictures, and hang them on your wall. Ready to try it? Go out and see what awe-inspiring images you can capture!

Decorate with a Lunchbox

Lunchbox-frontWhen most people think of lunch boxes, they usually think childhood. Well, lunch boxes can hold more than just your lunch! For example, this metal lunchbox with cats on it (bought several years ago in a bookstore’s stationary section) is kept upright on my desk. What’s in it? I have CD’s, pens, markers, papers; things that would normally clutter my desk. By putting your stuff in a lunchbox, it not only saves space, but can also give you something cute to look at while you’re working. Next time you’re at a bookstore, go into the stationary section and see what they have to offer. You might find that a lunchbox is just what you need to declutter and dress up your desk.

Black and White and Cool All Over

Golden Gate BridgeWhen most people add pictures to their space, they often try to make the colors in the picture match those of their furniture. While it’s nice to have this cohesive design, why not try a black and white picture instead? The muted hues won’t clash with other colors, and it’s a classic look. This black and white picture of the Golden Gate Bridge will be a great addition to the family room. Using pictures or photos of places you’ve been (or would like to be) is a great way to add style to your walls!

Grand, Ornate Spaces

Grand space with chandelierThough most of our spaces pale in comparison, you can still get inspiration from grand, ornate spaces. Whether it’s the colors, crown molding, lighting, or other component, these elements can be used in your very own space. Try a colorful ceiling, a cornice, or even an ornate fixture. Remember, not to go overboard-a little bit goes long way. What grand spaces inspire you?

Lamps Are Accent Pieces, Too

Antique LampLooking to change the look of a room? Try a new lamp! It’s a great way to try out new styles on a budget. Start with the type of style you want-metal, glass, stone, acrylic, clay, etc. You can also decide if you want a plain lamp or one with some sort of design on it. The lamp pictured, which has a dark base and features a glass shade with beads, blends perfectly with my furniture and other accessories. This lamp allowed me to see how an antique vibe would look in my space-and it works! Can’t afford to buy a new lamp? Try using one that’s currently in another room. You’d be surprised how using what you already have in new ways can update a room!

There’s a Hurricane (Lamp) Coming

Hurricane LampPersonally, I love hurricane lamps! However, it can be hard to find lamps that are both in good condition and reasonably priced. I try to look for hurricane lamps that are unusual in shape in color (like the one pictured). If you’re trying to find one, don’t limit yourself to shopping at antique stores. Try flea markets, crafters’ malls, and local glass blowing studios. Whether the hurricane lamp is new or old doesn’t matter, only that it fits your personality and space. Give it a try-you’d be surprised how this classic type of lamp can fit with any decor!

Mixed Metals Rock

Frog PrinceMost people think that you shouldn’t mix various metals together. If done right, it can look awesome! The key? Use mixed metals sparingly. Instead of decorating an entire room in gold and silver, use an object (or a few objects) in a limited space. The Frog Prince I have pictured is a great addition to my bookshelf or dresser. You can even add a small group of mixed metal objects to a location of your choice. Maybe four or five small vases or other objects on a table or shelf. Don’t like silver and gold? Try the same thing with metallics in your favorite colors-you can find them at your local craft or big box store.

Draw Inspiration from Nature

Overlooking lake at duskDo you live near a body of water or other type of natural space? If so, draw inspiration from it! Looking at this picture I took overlooking a lake near dusk, I can’t help but be inspired by the colors of nature-browns, blues, white, cream, pinks, etc. They’re all great colors to use this time of year. Have a piece of furniture you’d like to spruce up a bit? Add throw pillows in colors found in nature. It’ll not only add a pop of color, but is also a budget friendly option.

Celebrate 2014 with New Ideas for Inspiration

Sand castlesHappy 2014! A new year means it’s time for fresh decorating ideas! Do you have any decorating plans in the works? Consider each season a great inspiration for your style. Try using cool, winter colors in your interior design. These can include muted versions of your favorite hues: pinks, oranges, blues, purples, etc. Offset these with punches of color in your favorite shade. Remember, decorating should show off your personal style-now and throughout the year.