Bird on a Reed

Bird on reedAs I was walking around the lake I saw movement out of the corner of my eye-a bird hopping on a group of reeds. It jumped from reed to reed, never staying in one place long. Then, I was finally able to get a picture of the bird (featured in this post). It’s amazing how the reed can support the bird so easily. I especially love how you can see the ripples of the water in the background. I love the combination of land and sea (lake) in this photo. Overall, I think it’s just a cool picture. Enjoy!

Bend, Don’t Break

Bending treeWhen this tree was pointed out to me on a walk I thought, “Wow, that’s cool!” Upon closer inspection I saw that this tree was perfectly healthy; but was growing bent towards the lake. I think many of us, at one time or another, have felt like this tree. But this tree demonstrates a powerful lesson when it comes to life: bend, don’t break. Know someone who’s going through something? Tell them to bend, not break, and give them the link to this post. Hopefully, it’ll give them the inspiration they need.

The Stone Man

Stone manI took this picture at the foundry I mentioned in one of my previous posts. It wasn’t until I looked at this area of the ruins from a different angle that I saw a “man” kneeling inside the foundation. I think it’s amazing how inanimate objects can look like people or animals. The key is to photograph something at the right angle. If you’re taking a picture, try walking around the object first (if possible). Capturing an image at different angles can transform both a photo and the objects it captures.

Tunnel Under the Pier

Pier tunnelHave you ever flipped through a magazine, seen a picture, and thought “I’d like to take a picture like that?” I think everyone has at some point. But how often does it actually happen? I saw a picture of the underside of a pier in a magazine I bought. I thought it was a really cool picture: the underside of a pier that created a tunnel into the ocean. About a week later I was walking along the waterfront and what do I see? I shot that looks almost exactly like the one in my magazine! Jackpot! So I moved closer to the water until I was able to get the shot in this post. Magazines and other publications can be great inspirations for your photos and decorating. Whether the magazine deals with travel, architecture, photography, anime, or gardening, it’s the inspiration you get from it that matters.

Tracks to Somewhere

Railroad tracksThe tracks pictured bisects one of my favorite walking paths. This area has a combination of decommissioned and currently used railroad tracks. I thought this shot of the tracks heading off unto the forest to places unknown was a great photo. In case you were wondering, I didn’t take this picture on the tracks (safety first!). This photo can represent many things: adventure, the past, nature, or a love of trains. The photo could be used as the cover of a photo book or a gift to a train enthusiast. Every community, no matter the size, has railroad tracks. Find an area that has tracks where you can (safely!) take a picture. Each track is different, so you’ll have many miles to find your inspiration!

From Sea to Port

Cargo shipWhile out on a stroll one day I saw this huge ship navigating the waterway. I was surprised to see it since I rarely see ships navigating these waters (I’ve only seen them docked near shore, not actually sailing in). I was even more surprised when I blared its loud horn to warn other boaters in the area to steer clear. It was loud, but really cool! It’s amazing to see this huge ship moving so effortlessly through the water. This photo is a great addition to any nautical theme or a gift to anyone who loves ships (who doesn’t?). No matter if the ships is big or small, a photo can open up a world far beyond our shores.

The Past Remains

Foundry pierHave you ever seen an old dock and wondered what was there? Well, in this case it turns out to be part of what was a foundry. There were multiple foundations nearby (not pictured) that at one point linked to a large dock. The pilings of the former dock are pictured in this post. You can image the foundry its heyday: producing metal and shipping them out via the dock to parts unknown. The remains of this place reminds us that the past is never truly forgotten. If we’re lucky, the past can inspire us in the present.

Ducks at the River

Ducks at the riverOne day I saw these two ducks preening by the riverbank. At first I couldn’t get a good shot, but I was eventually able to get the picture featured in this post. The ducks are framed on either side by trees and below by grass. You can even see the ripples of the water. This is not only a great picture, but the colors are a great inspiration for Spring decorating ideas. I love the earthy tones of the flora and the colors of both ducks’ feathers. Looking for new colors to decorate your space? All you need to do is look at nature for inspiration!

Old Buildings: Concrete

Abandoned building: concreteThe building pictured is in the same vicinity as the brick one pictured in my last post. This particular area has multiple abandoned buildings attached together. Due to this, it’s an awesome place to take photographs. These buildings are located in a small historic district with other preserved buildings (though some of the buildings are closed for safety reasons). Many cities and towns have areas with historic buildings, so check your local area. Whether you snag a picture of a brick, stucco, art deco, or mid-century building, all that matters is that you enjoy the look. So what are you waiting for?

Old Buildings: Brick

Abandoned building: brickOften times you’ll be driving around and notice an interesting building. Sometimes these buildings are new, old, or abandoned. The one pictured is an abandoned building near one of my local historic districts. The building itself is on the other side of a river, but I was able to get a good shot. I love all types of architecture, and decided this would make an awesome photograph. While you could frame this picture, one could easily make a collection of building photos and create a scrapbook. The book would not only give you something to display on your table, but also allow you to show all your friend your awesome photo skills!