Marina Views

Marina with clear skiesAside from the ocean, I think marinas make a great photo-op. This photo was taken on a sunny day in an area that featured a lookout tower (which afforded me this great view). This is the type of photo I’d frame and keep on my desk to remind me of a fun getaway (literally if I had a boat!). Have a favorite body of water? If so, go to your favorite coastal spot, marina, lake, or waterway and create your own day-dream in a photo.

Mix and Match, New and Old

Bathroom mixWith a new year comes the urge to update one’s space. The current update? The bathroom! I have these towels displayed in two locations in the bathroom, but this is the only area that had a large, empty wall space above it. Many photos and paintings had been tried, but nothing seemed to match the specific shade of green in the towels. So, I come home one day and wham!, the perfect picture is hanging on the wall! My mom found a picture she bought several years ago and decided to hang it on the wall. The green leaves in the picture were a perfect match to the towels. This proves that you can mix old and new items and have them match. Contemplating adding new decor? Try buying only a few new items and then repurposing when you already have. You’ll be surprised how mixing and matching new and old can create a wonderful and unique look!

Frame a Window

Ornate windowAs I said in a previous post, I work in a cubicle with no window. Besides creating my own window, another solution is to frame the picture of a window. I took this photo of an ornate window on a clear, sunny day. Not only will I have a new piece of art in my cubicle, but I’ll also have the illusion of a real window. Whether the window you use looks out onto the sea, a mountain, the sky, or somewhere else, you, too can create an awesome view!.

Grand Chandeliers

Library chandelierWhen I saw this chandelier in one of my local libraries I thought, “wow!” I love the detail of the ironwork and all of the bright bulbs. This is the type of photo I’d use in a dining room or some other formal setting. If you have several pictures of chandeliers, frame them and create a motif on your wall. Alternatively, you could use the wide shot (pictured), then zoom in on the various details in the ironwork and frame those, too. Remember, there are many ways to dress up your walls-the key is to use your imagination.

Light Up Your Garden

Outdoor lampGardens in themselves are wonderful places: flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. Why not add lighting to the mix? An example is this outdoor lamp I found while out on a stroll. Obviously, most of us can’t afford a lamp this big or ornate in our gardens. The solution? Find a mirrored globe and elevate it on a decorative column. You can also use a lamp-like sculpture or other object (the ‘lamp’ doesn’t need to actually work-it’s the overall visual that counts). Though it’s not quite spring, it’s the perfect time to start planning out your garden!

Water and Mountains

Mountains and marinaThere are lots of places to capture nature’s beauty. I like to find a body of water (or a place that has a view of one) and start snapping away! I was able to get a shot of a marina, clouds, and a mountain range-stunning! It’s a gorgeous view and would make a great work of art. An alternative to just printing the photo is to find a place that will alter your photo to look like a painting. You can find this service at online stores and in certain big box membership stores. Time to go out and find your own piece of nature to turn into art!

Doors as Art: Sea

Decorative door: seaMany decorative doors have themes. This one features an old-fashioned sailing ship cruising through the water. A photo of this door would be a great addition to a den or office. Love the nautical look? Use a similar photo in your decorating theme. If the color isn’t right for your decor, try taking the picture or printing it in black and white. With little tweaks to suit your personal tastes, you can create a look that’s perfect for you and your space!

Doors as Art: Land

Decorative door: landHave you ever gone into an old historic building or church and noticed the artfully decorated doors? Decorative doors are rarely seen today, but are such pieces of art. Like the look but have no place to put such large doors? In order to display one in your home, the best thing to do is take a picture! If it’s a large door (the one pictured is about three stories tall), take pictures of multiple panels. This particular door features a farm scene (each door has a different theme). If you take multiple pictures, you can hang them together in a pattern on your wall. What are you waiting for? Find a decorative door and snap away!

Etched Glass Lighting

Etched pendant lightWhen I saw this beautiful etched glass pendant light I thought it was a great way to add sophistication to what would normally be plain glass. As to not overwhelm the space, only every other light contained an etched image. While this look may seem complicated and expensive, it can be far from it if you know where to look. A plain glass light fixture can either be found in your home, or purchased from a local big box or hardware store. Once you have the fixture, you can pick up a glass etching kit at your local craft store (read the back to make sure the kit is heat safe). Now that you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to create! Did you create a look that’s whimsical, classic, fun, or unique? No matter the design, the look should reflect the feel of the space and your personal tastes.

Display Photos Taken in Less Than Ideal Weather

Capitol in fogWhen people take photos of various places they often only want to do so in nice, sunny weather. But why limit yourself? I took this picture of my local capitol on a cold, foggy morning. I like how you can barely see the building behind the trees and fog. The muted tones of this picture would be a great addition to any office or den. It creates interest without overwhelming the space. Have a favorite place to take pictures? Go there next time it’s rainy or foggy and snap away. You’ll be surprised how nice bad weather can look.