Creepy Crawly!

Beetle in the forestSince it’s Halloween, I thought this would be the perfect time to share a few pictures I took on a walk in the woods. As I was walking down the path I noticed something running across the ground in front of me. I remember thinking, “this is too big to be a bug…right?” Wrong! I zoomed in with my camera and snapped a shot of this beetle. I don’t know what type of beetle it was, but thankfully it seemed more interested in getting off the path than trying to get near me.

Caterpillar on the forest floorA few steps after encountering the beetle I saw another creature: a caterpillar! Though not nearly as scary, I thought it’s coloring was a perfect match to the holiday. Both of these pictures are the perfect inspiration for a Halloween party. Taking inspiration from creatures found in nature not only gives you a great color scheme, but also ideas for how you can decorate your space. Whether you choose bugs, bats, or another type of creature, remember that nature can often provide the scariest backdrop for your party!

Birds of a Feather

Geese and duck at lakeWhen I walk around my local lake there’s usually a large group of geese that tend to congregate towards the far end of the lake. As I kept walking and got closer to the dock, I was surprised to see a visitor in their group: a duck! I thought it was a cute sight and decided to snap a picture. I love how the duck joined the geese as if it was one of their own. The geese didn’t bother the duck, so I guess it was welcome to hang out on the dock. It’s always interesting to see different types of animals enjoying each other’s company. I think this is nature’s way of showing that we often have more in common with each other than we want to admit. Want to capture a similar sight? You, too, can snap a similar picture to decorate your space! Find a spot that has a variety of animals (usually near a body of water) and then just keep your eyes open. It may take awhile to get the perfect shot, but eventually you’ll capture a photo of animal friends having fun in the great outdoors!

The Water Through the Trees

Peek of water through treesOnce you’ve gone through the forest and come towards the end of the path, you see a peek of water beautifully framed between two trees. What a sight! It makes the creepy trees and mud worth the trek. I love how the brightness of the sun on the water contrasts with the shaded section of forest I took the photo in. This is the type of photo I’d frame and put on a table or desk, or hang on a wall within a grouping of similar nature photos. Want a similar look for your space? Try taking a photo at your favorite locale from a shaded area on a bright day. Not only will you get to enjoy the great outdoors, but you’ll also have a unique photo to showcase your talents!

The Path Through the Trees (Literally!)

Path through the tree trunkRemember that post I wrote a few weeks ago? I mentioned how at one point the path I was on literally went through a tree trunk. Thought I was joking? As you can see from the picture on the right, the park’s designers just cut through the trunk and continued the path down towards the beach. I really like this picture and all the symbolism it represents. It reminds us that although obstacles might try to stop us, you have to keep going! This is the type of image I’d put on a Thinking of You card. Images like this can not only benefit the one who captured the photo, but also those going through a rough patch in their life. Have an inspiring photo? Use it to bring joy, comfort, and a bit of style, to yourself or those around you.

The Perfect Shell

Perfect shell_park beachAnyone that enjoys beach combing knows that one of the challenges is finding a perfect shell for your collection. Often you’ll find half a shell, or one that’s been damaged from its voyage. But, as I was walking on the beach, it appeared: a beautiful shell! It was just sitting there waiting to be picked up. After making sure the shell was vacant (shells with creatures in or on them should be put back into the water), it was picked up and taken with us on the rest of our walk. This shell presents so many opportunities to decorate! You could frame the picture and use it to accentuate a nautical theme, add the shell to your collection, display it as a stand-alone piece, or nestle it among a group of candles for an elegant look. What was the last thing you collected while out enjoying nature? No matter what it was, there are a myriad of ways for you to stylishly add it to your space!

By the way, did anyone notice the rock behind the shell that has “eyes” on it? An even more unique picture!

The Weathered Wood

Weathered drift wood_close upIt’s amazing how your perspective of an object can change depending on where you are in proximity to it. Case in point? The close-up photo I took of a section of driftwood. It looks both intricate and unique, and most people probably couldn’t tell what object was originally photographed. A photo like this would be great to add interest to a den or office. Want the same look? Try using a common object to inspire you to look at something differently. Have a favorite flower, building, machine, or other object? Try photographing it at different distances and angles. You’ll be surprised how unique your photos turn out to be! Remember, no matter if it’s an object or a person, you can always find a new perspective on something familiar.

The Spider’s Web

The spider's webAs I was walking through one of my local parks, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I turned and saw a huge spider web strung between a tree. Though I’m not a fan of spiders, I enjoy looking at their webs. They’re simple, yet elegant, and can be created in a matter of hours. While most might immediately think of Halloween with this post, I think of something completely different. The image of this web makes me think of simple, elegant decor! This look can be accomplished using any color scheme or holiday-themed decor. The key? Making sure everything blends together. Try picking a combination of three or four colors and use those throughout your space. By doing this, the colors in your space will meld together seamlessly and effortlessly. And what better to tie the whole thing together than an elegant, simple picture? Nature is full is simple elegance, so why not use it to inspire you? Whether your inspiration comes from flora or fauna, you can find something that inspires elegance in your space!

On the Edge of the Cliff

Trees on the cliff edgeWhile I was exploring my local beach I turned to view the cliffs that border the park. As I walked further down I noticed something extraordinary: a group of trees dangling precariously off the cliff! It was obvious that at some point the park’s owners had determined that the large group of trees was a danger to visitors. As seen from the picture on the right, they eventually cut the trees near the base and left gravity to do the rest. I thought it was a very interesting image, and also a great conversation piece. It’s amazing to think how long those trees had been there (I’m guessing a long time based on the thickness of the trunks) and how they might have looked before they were cut. Since this picture features earth tones, it’s the type of photo that could be used to add interest to a space without having it clashing with your current design scheme. Remember, photos with a muted color scheme can not only add interest to your space, but also provide another point of interest for you and your guests to enjoy!

Jellyfish at the Beach

Jellyfish at the beachAs I strolled the beach in my previous post I decided to walk closer to the water. I found a few shells and thought I’d wash them out in the water. You can imagine my surprise when I looked into the water and saw that it was full of jellyfish! I decided not to stick my hand into the water, and instead opted to take a photo of the jellyfish. It’s amazing how well these creatures blend in to their environment. Photos like these are always a good conversation piece. It’s always fun to see who can find the creature or other hidden element. This is a great photo to use at a party or some other get-together. Whether it’s a photo you take yourself or buy at a store, you, too, can have a great conversation piece!

The Cloudy Beach

Cloudy rock beachWhen most people think of beaches they imagine sunny skies and miles of sand. However, as the photo on the right demonstrates, you don’t need those things to take a great beach photo. I discovered this beach after my journey through the woods mentioned in my previous posts. The beach was rocky and the sky was full of clouds. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed the beach and its accompanying view. A similar photo would be a great addition to your space now that the seasons are changing. The muted colors go well with a fall/winter decorating scheme, and a beach is always a lovely picture. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and capture your own fall photos to update your space for the season!