Inside the Cone

Inside the coneThe picture to the right was taken inside the architectural landmark from my previous post. Many people take notice of the outside of buildings, but the inside of a building can be just as interesting. The interior of this cone is a hot shop, so the high ceiling helps funnel heat out of the space (though it’s still very warm in there). I loved being able to see the ‘bones’ of the structure from the inside. It’s a unique perspective that most people never get to see. Looking to add interest to a wall? Try using photos that feature the inside of architectural buildings. You can take these photos in museums, stadiums, government buildings, or even your own building or house. Your photo will not only be a conversation piece, but will give new perspective to some of your favorite buildings.

The Glass Town

The Glass TownThis is a photo of a town etched in glass. It’s part of an exhibit called “CAUTION! Fragile. Irish Glass: Tradition in Transition” by artist Róisín de Buitléar. I’ve always had a fondness for etched glass, and when I saw this piece I just had to take a photo! Since etched glass pieces are usually always made of clear glass, they’re the perfect addition to any shelf or nook. Simple etched glass pieces can be found at gift shops or online for a reasonable price. If you prefer something more complex or similar to the art in my photo, you’re best bet is to peruse an art gallery. Looking to be creative? You can also buy glass etching kits at your local craft store. Add interest to a vase, lamp, mirror, or any other piece you’d like. No matter your budget or tastes, you’ll be able to find a piece that’s all you!

Looks Like a Sea Cucumber to Me

Sea CucumberThis is another picture from the “Look! See? The Colors and Letters of Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert” exhibit. When I saw this it reminded me of a Sea Cucumber. I like the spikes on the top and how the piece is colored in blue and red. This is a fun piece that can add whimsy into any space. Displaying a fun, funky piece is a great way to add interest to your space. The piece you choose can be abstract like the one pictured, or more natural looking. Trying looking in gift shops or craft stores for inspiration. Either way, you can never go wrong by injecting a bit of whimsy into your space!

Inspiring Words

Believe wall artThe picture accompanying this post is part of the exhibit mentioned in my previous two posts. You can often find art and block letters that spell out words in most craft and big box stores. Why choose those when you can create something unique? The photo on the right is actually only one-third of an art piece. I decided to concentrate only on the letters. Taking a close up of the neon letters also created a picture that has a glowing effect. Want to add inspiring block art to your space, but want it to be more creative? Try taking photos at local museums or parks that inspire you. Another option is to buy cardboard or paper mache letters from a craft store and decorate them with your own personal style. Remember, no matter what words you choose, make sure they inspire you to shoot for the stars!

The Wall of Spheres

Wall of spheresI saw this wall of different colored spheres at the museum and thought it looked great! While I wouldn’t recommend doing this to an entire wall in your own home, there are ways you can integrate this look into your space. One option is to take a book shelf (or any shelves) and add colorful glass floats as decoration. These can be bought online, at museum gift shops, or stores along your nearest coast. Need a more economical option? You can also use colored glass globes that are available at most craft stores. A second option is to find a wall similar to the one pictured and put a photo of it on your wall. There are even some online companies that will enlarge it to mural-size. Whichever option you choose, you can have a wall that stands out and will give your space a colorful, modern look.

The Colorful Glass Tubes

Colorful tubesWhen I saw this art piece at the museum, I thought it was really cool! It’s part of an exhibit called “Look! See? The Colors and Letters of Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert.” I love the colorful, fanciful look of this piece. This particular art made me think of candy. I love the colors and fluidity of this piece. Combining colorful pieces into a single area is something anyone can do. You can buy reasonably priced pieces from museum gift shops, or buy pieces at a craft or big box store. They can be any shape or color you prefer. You could also find a picture with colorful shapes (or paint one yourself) and hang it somewhere that will garner lots of attention. No matter what medium you prefer, you can display art that’s colorful, fanciful, and so you!

The Flame

The flameThis is a picture of a torch some of the artisans used at my local museum (they have a hot shop where they create art live). I just thought it was a really cool shot. It’s a reminder to never let your flame die out. Everyone needs to be reminded of this-and a photo metaphor can help. Other things might come up in life that require you to put your passion (flame) on the back burner or dim it a bit, but never let it go out! Hope this photo is a reminder of that, and will give you some inspiration as your start your week.

The Glass Sculpture

Glass sculptureOutside the entrance to the museum mentioned in my previous post is a glass sculpture installation in a shallow pool. This gives you a great first impression of what lies inside for museum visitors. Additionally, the museum is bordered by a waterway, so you have water elements all around you. The clear glass used in this sculpture is a great way to display art without having it take away or clash with the surrounding environment. Likewise, this same sort of element can work when decorating your space. Try buying clear glass in various shapes (globes, vases, boxes, stars, etc.) and display them together on a shelf or table. These can be purchased at your local craft or big box store. Once you’re done, you’ll have art that not only transforms your space, but also gives it an air of sophistication!

Architectural Elements: Metal

Metal museum coneA big part of decorating is architectural accents. This can be the type of residence you live in, details within specific rooms, or even pictures of specific buildings. Accompanying this post is an architectural landmark at one of my local museums. I visited this museum about two weeks ago and decided to snap this picture. There are some people, including myself, who love architecture. I love snapping photos of interesting buildings and their features. If you or someone you know enjoys architecture, it would be a great idea to go out and photograph interesting buildings. You could frame them and create a point of interest on a wall consisting of five or six photos. You could also choose a favorite and blow it up as a stand alone piece. So remember, no matter how bland you space is, it can be elevated by use of architectural elements.

Cheer Up with Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowersOn the right you’ll see some beautiful yellow flowers from my garden. I love the cheery color! While flowers are expected in spring, these would be a great addition to your desk in the winter as well. The yellow color can boost your mood if you’re having a rough day. If nothing else, who doesn’t like to look a fresh flowers (even if it’s a photo of them)? So remember, it only takes a picture to bring a little bit of sunshine into your day!