The Waterfall Park

Main waterfallThe picture above features the main waterfall from a park I’ve posted about previously and is adjacent to the mini waterfalls. I love the powerful image of the water flowing over the top and crashing down onto the rocks, creating white spray as it descends. You can see the trees and foliage that have fallen victim to the water over the years. Despite this, I think all the greenery does an excellent job of framing the waterfall. What a gorgeous sight! This type of photo is something I’d display in a den, office, or bedroom. Sometimes in life you have to just go with the flow, and a similar photo could be a reminder. Not only does nature look beautiful, but it can also inspire you as you’re going through tough times.

Under the Overpass

Under the overpassOne day my friend and I decided to take a different path that bordered my local lake. After a long walk we eventually came to a large dock that went out onto the lake. We walked onto the dock and were able to see views we couldn’t see from previous vantage points. One of the most surprising things was that the dock was right next to the interstate. You can’t see the dock from the freeway, so it’s no wonder we never knew it was there! I decided to take a picture under the overpass, which features the river that feeds into the lake flowing underneath it. A photo like this brings to mind so many different design ideas! You can take inspiration from the soft colors of nature, or use the concrete of the overpass to go for a modern, clean look. Either of these looks could be accomplished by new furnishings, accessories, or just a fresh coat of paint. Remember, when you look at something for inspiration there are usually multiple elements you can draw from; so keep your eyes open and start decorating!

Two Friends Getting Lunch

Geese dining at lakeOn one of my walks I noticed several large groups of geese at the far end of the lake. As I got closer, I noticed that two of the geese had broken off from their group and were bobbing for lunch. I was glad I was able to capture the geese as they were both sticking their heads into the water. Aside from being a great shot, I like how you can see the individual ripples of water around each goose. The geese, foliage, and algae against the blue of the water makes this photo even better. Interested in taking a similar photo? It might take a bit of work, but you, too, can photograph a pair of animal friends! If you’re out in nature, start by looking for groups of animals-they will likely be near a body of water. There are always a few that will drift off from the group, and when this happens it’s your chance to snap a photo. You could also try taking photographs at your local zoo. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your own pair of animal friends!

Purple Flowers by the Lake

Purple flowers_lakeIt’s amazing how you can see different types of foliage at different times of the year. An example is the purple flower pictured on the right. I have no idea what species it is, but I thought it was a very pretty and unusual flower. I love the crispness of the flowers in the foreground and the soft, blurry background of this photo! It reminds me of one of my favorite color combinations: purple and green. This could be the basis of a new color scheme for your space, or you could frame a similar picture and display it as a pop of color. Remember, pops of color can easily be found in nature. All you need to do is capture them on camera to bring nature’s pops of colors into any space!

Underneath the Bridge

Underneath the bridge_riverThis is a shot of underneath the bridge pictured in my previous post. Since I love architecture, I just had to get a picture as I walked under the bridge! I love seeing the ‘guts’ of a structure and how it’s put together. It’s always interesting to see how such a large structure was constructed. A photo like this would be great to display on a wall along with various shots of the same bridge. You could display pictures that feature the view from above (on top of) the bridge, from below, and on the side. Hanging these together would no only look quite gorgeous, but also allow you to show off you photography skills!

The River Under the Bridge

River under the bridgeThis photo is similar to one I took for a previous post, but is a wider shot that shows two bridges with the river flowing underneath. I love how the bridges and trees frame the river, and the brightness of the sun on the water. A picture like this can inspire so many projects! A similar photo could be framed and displayed on a shelf or wall. You could take the colors in the picture-green, grey, brown, blue-and use them as your decorating theme. Add these colors to your space by using throw pillows, vases, faux foliage, or other accessories to bring the outdoors in. It’s amazing how one photo can inspire a myriad of projects to update and decorate your space. You can use your favorite photo to not only to display a great shot, but also to inspire a decorating theme that’s uniquely you!

The Fish Ladders

Fish ladders_riverAs I was walking along the trail I noticed a concrete structure along the river bank. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were fish ladders! While I couldn’t spot any fish in the ladders, I thought it was cool that the park had them built into sections of the river. I appreciate how the ladders almost blend into the landscape, not to mention the positive impact of helping the fish (likely Salmon) make their way up stream to spawn. I like the contrast of the concrete against the trees, boulders, and white-water rapids. Such an awesome shot! Next time you’re at your local park, look around and see if you can find man-made wonders. These wonders not only provide a positive impact to nature, but should also inspire you to bring the outdoors into your space.

The River Wild

River at parkWhile I was at the park mentioned in my previous posts, I was able to get this beautiful shot of the river. This picture was taken downstream from the waterfalls in my previous post. Rivers often look serene on the surface, but can be quite treacherous underneath. In this picture, I like the natural elements of the white-water rapids, the brightness of the sun, and how the trees frame the river on either side. Such a gorgeous shot! There’s nothing like taking a picture of nature’s beauty. No matter what your local parks have to offer, you can be sure to find a spot that showcases nature’s beauty, and will allow you to display that beauty in your very own space!

The Mini Waterfalls

Mini waterfallsOff in the distance I noticed a small group of waterfalls. Though there was a larger waterfall nearby (which will be featured in an upcoming post), I liked these mini waterfalls just a much. They look just as magnificent and make a great photo. In addition to photographing the main attraction at a park, try going for shots featuring smaller, more intimate locales. The benefit? You can take lots of unique photos without the crowds. Plus, as with most photos taken in nature, the earth tones will go with any decor. A great idea is to frame several of these types of pictures and hang them on your wall. It will give your space a fresh look, and let you show off your creativity!

The Sun Drifting through the Pine

Split pine with sunHello, and welcome to my 100th post! I decided to post a picture of this unique looking pine tree I noticed along a walking path. I was even able to take the picture with the sun shining down through the upper branches. I love finding unique pieces in nature! Not only are they fun to look at, but they’re also free. A photo like this would look great in a den or office. The earth tones go with any decor, and the sun shining down gives an element of warmth to any space. Next time you go to your local park or beach, look for the uniqueness in nature. Once you take a photo of what you find, you can bring the outside in and create a feeling of warmth all year long.

Here’s to another 100 posts-look for more tips and great things to come!