The Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoonWhile strolling the beach mentioned in my previous post, I came upon this piece of driftwood. When I saw it I immediately thought it looked like a wooden spoon. I like driftwood, and it’s always interesting to see how it becomes shaped and changes due to its time in the water. Do you have any photos of interesting shaped driftwood? You can display individual photos on a shelf or create a photo album or scrapbook. Remember, you can find more than just shells on a beach. From shells to wood to sea life, the shore is full of interesting objects that are sure to capture your eye and make a great photograph!

The City Park Beach

City park beachThis past weekend I decided to go exploring! There was a city park I wanted to check out, so I went there not quite knowing what to expect. After parking, you make your way through the park until you see a sign for the beach. It looked more like a random path, but down I climbed. After a few minutes of walking down hill, you see a peek of water through the trees. Once you come out of the trees, you’re met by a beach and glistening water. The beach was covered in shells, and closer to the trees were native plants and grasses. It was wonderful looking out at the water and seeing the various types of sea life. It would be great to display a grouping of similarly themed photos together to remind you of fun in the sun. No matter where you are, you can look at the pictures to remind you of sunny days and fun times!

The Sunny Tree

Sunny treeAs I was walking I noticed the sun peeking through a tree bordering my local lake. I really liked the look of it, so I snapped this photo. I love the peek of the sun through the branches and how the tree seems to be illuminated from behind. The simplicity of the photo can be a great inspiration for your home. Using colors found in nature, keeping accessories to a minimum, and displaying elegant art work are all great ways to decorate your space. So what are you waiting for? Go out and find your inspiration in nature today!

The Sunset

The sunsetI looked out my window one night around sunset and noticed the beautiful colors in the sky. I love sunsets that have different colors, especially the pinks and oranges featured in my photo. I also like the shape of the clouds and how they stretch across the sky. Not all sunsets are this colorful, but when they are it’s time to grab your camera! This type of photo would be great to display on a shelf or desk. It will give you a subtle pop of color and remind you of beautiful sunsets to come.

The White Flower

The white flowerWhile walking around the lake I noticed this white flower that was attached to a vine growing on a fence. I’m not sure what species of flower it is, but I thought it would make a good photo. Sometimes it’s the simplest of images that are the best. I love how the white flower stands out against the green leaves. It’s a simple image that packs a punch! This photo would look great blown up to poster size and used as a focal point on a wall. Remember, a focal point can be a simple, elegant image that grabs your attention and soothes your mind.

The Blue Heron

The Blue HeronOne of the many creatures that visits my local lake is the Blue Heron. It’s a treat to see one, but they’re rarely close enough to see. But on this occasion, it decide to catch dinner near the shoreline! Luckily I had my camera with me, so I was able to snap several photos. I watched the bird as it would carefully look into the water and then quickly lower its beak in to catch some fish. I couldn’t tell if it was successful or not, but I enjoyed watching it nonetheless. It’s amazing to see nature in action. Have a nature lover in your life? Next time you see amazing wildlife take a picture and give it as a gift. Nature is a beautiful thing, so why not give the gift of its beauty in your very own photo?

The Butterfly Bush

The butterfly bushI have many varieties of flora in my garden, including many types of bushes. The picture above is a photo of our Butterfly Bush. As the name implies, they attract butterflies when the bush starts to blossom. While our three bushes have pink flowers, these bushes also come in many different colors. They can get very large (no matter how much we cut them back they just keep growing), and are a great way to fill in a gap in your garden. Not to mention their lovely flowers that attract butterflies. Pink and green are a great color scheme, and you can add it to your space easily and economically. You can add pink flowers to a vase, buy throw pillows with a floral pattern, or buy floral fabric and create your own pillow cases. The best colors and patterns come from nature, and you can easily bring those elements into your home!

The Shimmering Lake

Shimmering lakeTo the right is a picture I took of my local lake on a sunny day. I love how the rays of the sun shine on the water, while above is blue sky and sunshine. You have to be in the right place at the right time to get a shot like this, but when you do it’s so worth it! This is the type of photo that would be great to frame and display in any area of your home. You can also use the colors in the photo as an inspiration when chosing a theme for your accessories. As I’ve said in a previous post, you can get great inspiration from the colors found in nature. Have a local body of water? Whether a lake, ocean, marina, or creek, you can get a great photo of nature to inspire your decor!

Wall of Venetian Art

The Venetian WallThis picture was taken at the center section of the museum bridge. This installation is called the Venetian Wall, and is made up of 109 different glass sculptures. Despite the size of this art piece, it is possible to replicate this in a small space. Choose a bookshelf that fits your space (many are on sale this time of year), and fill part or all of it with glass pieces. These can be any style you want and can be purchased at big box, craft, or second-hand stores. Display a wide variety of colors and shapes to get the feel of the wall in my photo. Not only will your wall create a conversation piece, but will also let you show off beautiful art!

The Architectural Courthouse

The courthouseI spotted this building as I was crossing the bridge mentioned in my previous posts. I love the period details of this historic building-especially the roof! This building, completed in 1911, was a train station that was later turned into a courthouse. I love the architectural details of this building, especially the fact that the city kept it in tact after the remodel. I believe it’s important to refurbish old buildings whenever possible. Though more expensive than tearing it down and rebuilding, it not only helps preserve history, but also the character of a community. Want to photograph historic buildings? Try checking out the National Register of Historic Places, or your local historic registry, for buildings in your area. No matter where you live, you can find beautiful buildings to photograph!