Give Your Cubicle A Window

Cubicle windowDo you, like me, currently work in a cubicle? If so, you know what’s it’s like to not have a real window. My solution? Create your own! I used color paper to create grass, trees, a bush, sun, and clouds in my cubicle window. Not only did this allow me to be creative, but also gives me something nice to look at-plus I’ve already received several compliments on my work. Have a faux window in your cubicle? Try creating your own window this week. You’ll be surprise how much you, and others, will enjoy it.

Dress Up Your Ceiling

Fancy ceilingWhen most of us think of redecorating our space we often neglect our ceilings. But why stop at your walls? There are plenty of ways to add interest to your ceilings. An example is the photo on the right. They used a combination of medallions and crown molding to dress up this ceiling. You could buy a ceiling medallion at your local hardware store and install it in your dining room. If that seems a little too involved or permanent, there are other ways to dress up your ceiling. You can buy stencils or peel-and-stick designs at your local craft of big box store and use those on your ceiling. I’ve used peel-and-stick designs during the holidays and think that’s your best bet for trying this decorating idea. Whether you use a fancy or more casual design, you too can have a ceiling that pops.

Use Photos to Remind You of Nicer Weather

Sunny day at lakeFor most of us, when we look outside we see snow, rain, sleet, or lots of clouds…how dreary! Want to cheer yourself up? Use some of the photos you took when the weather was nice! I took this photo of the lake on a sunny day just before the weather started to turn cold. It would be great to put this photo in a tabletop frame or blow it up to poster size. Looking at it reminds me of better weather; and gives me something to look forward to. Have old vacation photos? Frame those sunny photos and give yourself something nice to look at-enjoy nice weather year-round with photos!

Mix Patterns

Crown molding - mixedWhen you think of mixed patterns, most people visualize a disaster. But, as evidenced from this photo, it can sometimes work with interior decorating. The crown molding pictured features several types of patterns and colors. The key? The colors are muted and the patterns all have gold to tie them together. Having mixed patterns with a common element is a great way to try this trend. My suggestion? Buy a few throw pillows and add them to your bedroom or living room. It only takes a little pattern to make a big impact.

Art Deco: Transom Windows

Art deco transom windowIn the same building where the light fixture in my previous post was located, they also had these beautiful art deco transom windows. Once again keeping it subtle, these were only featured over the entrances into the building and from the foyer into the main hallway. Unfortunately, most modern buildings don’t have transom windows. Do you have transom windows in your home? If so, show them off and enjoy their classic features! Like transom windows but can’t afford a renovation? Try a stained glass kit from your local craft store. You can take your creation and hang it at the top of your window to mimic a transom window. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Art Deco: Lighting

Art deco light fixtureEver wanted to try something classic in your decoration? Try art deco! The key with any classic style is to not go overboard. The location where I photographed this big light fixture is a large, multi-story building. The architects kept it tasteful and low-key by only using these lights in main areas: corridors, stairwells, and hallways. By keeping this style concentrated in only certain areas, it creates a low-key, subtle elegance. Try adding an art deco-style lamp or accessory in your space for an elegant touch. Keep an eye out for my next art deco related post later this week!