The Blooming Rose

Blooming roseThis week I received a pretty bouquet as a going-away present from a co-worker. It included roses, lilies, and carnations. The roses were closed up in the morning, but by the next day they had really opened up. I took a picture of one rose (right) and thought I’d post it to my blog. I love how intricate the rose looks-the multiple layers of the petals is amazing. Besides adding a pop of color and interest to my space, it also gave me an idea! If you get a bouquet with various types of flowers, why not turn it into an art project? Take a picture of each flower, then frame it. You can group all the pictures together or spread them out on multiple walls. So next time you get a bouquet, use your camera to enjoy those flowers year-round!

Nature’s Pop of Color

Red berriesWhen I need to stretch my legs a work I try to go for a little walk. One day I was walking by a cluster of foliage and out of the corner of my eye I see a pop of color. A cluster of red berries appears to be floating in a sea of green. Even nature likes a pop of color! Not only does it break up the various shades of green, but also attracts wildlife (another great photo opportunity). Berries are such a summer fruit, and their bright colors would be a great addition to any space. Add accessories in various shades of red to your space. These can be faux foliage, colored glass, pillows, or a piece of art. No matter what accessory you choose, you can bring nature’s pop of color into your very own space!

The Tree Trunks

Tree trunksIt was a warm summer day as we walked down the path to find the beach. Off in the distance there appeared to be a trunk with mushrooms growing out of it. Once I zoomed in with my camera, I realized it was actually a shriveled up vine. Either way, this shot makes a great picture. I love how the two trunks frame the photo with the vine in between and green foliage in the background. I love it when nature frames a shot for you! This not only looks cool, but it’s fun to pick out all the little details in the picture. Notice the moss, branch, or details in the vine? You can take a similar picture anywhere there’s lots of greenery (park, beach, your own yard, etc.). No matter if your nature-made frame is tree trunks, flowers, bushes, or even water, you can have a photo that’s both beautiful and full of nature!

Watching the Boats on a Sunny Day

Sail boat_park beachAs I was enjoying my day at the park I couldn’t help but watch all the boats going up and down the waterway. It was fun seeing all the different type of boats that people were enjoying. Some were simple row boats while others had yachts. But I’m particularly drawn to sail boats. I love the simple design and how it represents a classic nautical theme. Boats like this are the perfect inspiration to add a bit of nautical whimsy into your space! It can be as simple as a picture, pillows with a boat design, or even nautical rope decorating a shelf. Those these may seem like minor changes, even the smallest element can make a big impact in your space. Have a nautical element that inspires you? If so, it’s time to bring it into your space and let your style shine!

The Tree Roots

Evergreen tree rootsWhen I saw this I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! But the closer I got I was able to see the wonders of nature. As you can see, the roots of this large evergreen are completely visible. Despite this, the tree seemed to be hanging on to the cliff. Upon closer inspection I was able to see various layers of sand and dirt intertwined with the roots. It was awesome to be able to walk closer and see the cavern left by the roots. This simple yet powerful image would be the perfect addition to an office or den. A photo like this not only makes a big impact, but it’s colors will go with anything. Want a similar picture? Go to an area that has cliffs (park, ocean, cove, etc.) and you should find something similar. Once you find that perfect tree, all you need is a camera and a good angle to have your own awesome photo!

Shell Wings

Shell wingsWhen I saw this shell sitting on the sand I immediately thought it looked like a pair of wings. I like the contrast of the pale shell against the wet sand. It’s awesome that you can see the sun reflected in the left ‘wing.’ A photo like this would look great as a centerpiece on a wall. This type of photo is not only unique, but the earth tones go with every decor. Have a photo you took of nature? Dig it out and use it to freshen up your space! Remember, no matter what decorating scheme you use, you can always find something new to go with your style!

The Tree on the Cliff

Tree on the cliffAs I looked up I saw this tree growing out of the cliff. I thought it would make a good photo, so I snapped a picture. I love how the tree looks like it can fall at any moment. Despite its precarious position, it’s standing strong. I think this also represents life. We often feel like we’re about to go over a cliff, but the key is to just keep hanging in there!

Beach Flowers

Purple beach flowersAs I was walking on the beach I noticed some color out of the corner of my eye. I turned to investigate and found some beautiful purple flowers. It’s always interesting how flowers can thrive in a beach environment. I love the combination of green and purple-it’s such a lovely combination! In fact, it would make a great design theme. Adding in pops of purple and green, or a similar floral pattern, is a great way to bring the summer vibe into your space. Remember, it doesn’t take a lot or time of money to spruce up your space. Whether you opt for a whole room update or a quick addition to a couch or shelf, you can easily bring a summer vibe into your space!

Driftwood Trees

Driftwood treesAnyone who’s strolled on a beach has no doubt come across a piece of driftwood. But have you ever come across an entire group of trees? When I saw these driftwood trees, I just had to take a photo! If you take a closer look, you can see all the barnacles attached to the trees. As I got closer, it was apparent that these trees had been on the beach a long time. It’s always interesting to think about where the trees came from and how they made their way onto the beach. If you’re the type who enjoys making your own cards, a photo like this would be great to put on the cover. No matter the occasion, a photo like this will stir the senses and create a sense of wonder.

The Creature in the Sand

Creature in the sandAs I was walking on the beach I kept seeing all these holes in the sand. Most of the sea creatures in them were buried deep and couldn’t be seen. Then I came across this one and noticed a creature inside! It looks like a crustacean of some sort, but I’m not exactly sure which variety. A photo like this would be great in a scrapbook or framed and put on a table. It’s a great conversation piece and will allow you to regale your guests with stories of your adventures. What story will you tell with your pictures? I’m sure your stories will be both entertaining and fun!