The Foundry’s Ruins

Foundry ruinsThe picture above is what remains of a once robust foundry. I showed other areas of this foundry in my previous posts. The circular area pictured is where the metal was melted and forged. Given the proximity to water, a pier, and the railroad (in the background), it’s no wonder the company chose this spot for their foundry. I’m sure that at one point this foundry was one of the biggest employers in the city. Now, I doubt anyone even knows the company’s name. I think it’s important to keep remnants of the past on display. Not only can they be turned into parks, but are also a reminder of an area’s past.

The Seagull

Resting seagullTravel much? Notice that no matter where you go in the world that seagulls basically look the same? I think that’s kind of amazing. On the right, you’ll see a seagull that’s made its home near my part of the world. Seagulls always make me think of the ocean (a favorite spot for vacations). I love to watch them glide on the wind or diving into the water trying to catch a meal. I’ve seen many pictures of seagulls, so why not take my own? It’s a great touch to any decorating scheme. Your space doesn’t have to have a nautical theme for a seagull picture to work. As long as there’s something to tie it all together like similar colors, textures, or mood, almost anything can be tied together to make your space unique.