Thanksgiving Decor: The Centerpiece

Simple centerpiece_Thanksgiving 2015In my third post I’ll be showing off my beautiful centerpiece. This centerpiece features a crystal vase filled with Fall foliage and three angels in the forefront. I came home to find that my Mom added the three angels while I was at work (the two small ones are from Germany). I loved the beautiful simplicity of the arrangement, so I kept it as is! The colors of the angels, foliage, and tablecloth all blend together perfectly. Except for a handful of flowers, everything else was something we already had. If possible, it’s preferable to decorate with items you own. It’ll give you a chance to be creative with long-lost treasures, and to demonstrate your overall sense of style.

Decorate More than the Center of Your Table

Table decorationWhen you look for inspiration on how to decorate your table, the word “centerpiece” is always mentioned. But what if you won’t have a table full of guests? Decorate the side of the table you won’t be using. Our dining room table will seat six, but there’s only three of us. Instead of using a centerpiece, I decorate the other side of the table. As pictured, I have trees, angel candle holders, trains, garland, a vase with flowers, and miniature shops. It’s a great way to use various types of decorations to liven up a large area of your table. Remember, not limiting yourself to only a centerpiece is bold, creative, and lots of fun-try it out on your table for New Year’s!

Candle Holders: Not Just for Candles

Angel Candle HolderDespite what many people think, candle holders can be used for more than displaying candles. I bought some beautiful angel candle holders but realized the candles I had wouldn’t work. Time for a creative solution! I looked at my Christmas decorations and decided to see how a bulb would look in the candle holder. I tried various colors/styles and finally settled on the blue bulb. Using something in a unique way is not only a conversation piece, but is also fun. Try it out at home to see if you like it. You can also be creative with pillar candle holders. Try stacking several bulbs or creating a pyramid of chocolates or other candy. Your only limitation is your imagination.