Graceful Jellyfish

JellyfishOne of the coolest thing about my local zoo is that it’s a zoo and aquarium. This allows visitors, including myself, to see a large variety of creatures. While exploring the aquarium section I came across these jellyfish. I love how effortlessly they glide through the water. Jellyfish look so simple and delicate, but can be quite deadly. Aside from the scrapbook project mentioned previously, I think this is the type of photo that would look great blown up and hung on the wall. The black-light used in the tank makes the jellyfish appear purple-ish. This would make a great inspiration for a design theme: purple, white, and black. You could use different colored pillows, blankets, accessories, or paint to decorate your space. You can use your own favorite animal-based photo for your design theme. All you need is an inspiring photo and your imagination!

Nature Photography: Air

FalconWhile some animals aren’t exclusive to colder climates, certain varieties are. An example is this falcon I photographed. The white plumage is the perfect complement to any winter decor. Plus, the wood board background adds a rustic feel to any space. This picture can be hung in a main living area, bedroom, or office. You can frame as many types of animals that you’d like-your only limitation is your imagination.

Nature Photography: Land and Sea

Polar BearThumbing through a magazine you notice the awe-inspiring nature photographs of animals. How can you do the same thing without extensive travel?  Visit you local zoo or aquarium!  Bring your camera and you too can take inspiring nature photos. Since it’s winter, take photos of animals that live in colder climates. This picture I took of a polar bear would be a great addition to my winter decorating scheme. Frame the picture, or groups of pictures, and hang them on your wall. Ready to try it? Go out and see what awe-inspiring images you can capture!