Classic Penguins

Penguin familyTalk about a classic color scheme! Nothing is as classic as black and white. When I spotted this group of penguins, the classic color scheme instantly came to mind. The best part about using this theme? It can be dressed up or down! A photo like this one can be the inspiration for a dressed-down look. Try black and white pillows in a rustic pattern or dress it up with a fancy black and white lamp or side table. Which variety of this classic will you choose? Either way, your space will shine with classic elegance!

Bufflehead Ducks

Bufflehead ducksAs I was walking around my local lake I noticed these black and white ducks floating on the water. Were they really ducks? I’d never seen them at the lake before, and decided to take a few pictures…and investigate! An online search revealed that these fowl were Bufflehead ducks (specifically, the male variety). I thought these black and white ducks were really cool looking! Know anyone who loves nature or the outdoors? It would be a great idea to take a photo of your local ducks or water fowl and have it printed onto fabric for a personalized throw or pillow. A customized present is always appreciated. See an unusual animal while you’re out? If so, take a picture! If nothing else, it’ll be a great conversation piece.

Black and White and Cool All Over

Golden Gate BridgeWhen most people add pictures to their space, they often try to make the colors in the picture match those of their furniture. While it’s nice to have this cohesive design, why not try a black and white picture instead? The muted hues won’t clash with other colors, and it’s a classic look. This black and white picture of the Golden Gate Bridge will be a great addition to the family room. Using pictures or photos of places you’ve been (or would like to be) is a great way to add style to your walls!