The Forest in the Tree

Forest on treeOne sunny day I was walking underneath a large, old tree and noticed something interesting on one of the branches. As seen on the right, it looks like a mini forest! The combination of the bright green fern with sun streaming through its leaves, the mountainous landscape of the branch, and white flowers in the background make this an awesome shot. You can shoot a similar picture by checking out your local old growth trees. They may be hard to find depending on where you live, but if you explore a state park or area that features historic buildings, you’ll have a better chance of finding what you want. Now is the perfect time to snap pictures you can use to update your space. Whether hung on a wall or simply used for inspiration, you can snap a beautiful picture to usher in Spring!

The Tree’s Hand

Tree with a handIt’s amazing all the different ways that a tree can grow! An example is the tree pictured to the right. The way the large branch towards the back splits off looks like a hand reaching out towards the sky. It’s a very quirky image, and is a great inspiration for a decorating theme! Aside from the colors (blue, green, white, and various shades of brown), a similar photo could be used as a base for a quirky decorating scheme. Like the tree, you can use accessories that blend in, more than stand out, within your space. Try a textured vase, throw pillows in various shapes, or an oddly shaped picture frame. Adding quirky elements will give your space a cohesive-look that’s not only colorful, but is also fun.

The Bird in the Bush

Bird in the bushI was sitting at my desk one day and kept hearing a bunch of birds outside my window. After awhile I decided to peek out of my window and saw several birds hopping around the garden and front yard. I looked down from my window and saw something moving in one of the bushes. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a little bird-how cute! It kept jumping from branch to branch, but I was finally able to snap a photo of it. I love how the bird blends in so well with the branches (that’s nature!). This type of photo would be great to display as a centerpiece on a wall or shelf. It features both earth tones and pops of color, and could be a conversation piece due to the presence of wildlife. You can get a similar picture if you keep your ears and eyes open to the wildlife around you. Nature can be found right outside your door, so be sure to have your camera ready to get some awesome nature shots!