The Illuminated Bulb

Illuminated striped bulbEvery year I choose a different theme for my Christmas tree. This year’s theme was two-toned: each bulb had to have two (or more) colors on it. The picture on the right, a silver bulb with glittery purple stripes, perfectly embodies this year’s theme. Instead of just taking a picture of the ornament, I decided to wait until it was dark. This allowed me to get a shot of it illuminated by the lights on the Christmas tree. Do you have a theme for your tree? No matter what style you choose, you can create a beautiful and unique tree that will shine brightly into the new year!

(Merry) Christmas Tree

Christmas TreeIn celebration of today, I’ve included a picture of my Christmas tree. Every year I decorate it using a different theme. This year’s theme: sparkle! Every bulb I used has an element of sparkle to it (glitter, shiny beads, sequins, etc.). I find that having a theme every year lets me be more creative-I often use bulbs I wouldn’t have ordinarily used. You’ll also notice the bulb garland and gold bells with ribbons (like in a previous post) on the windows. Do you decorate with a theme? If not, give it a try next year! Merry Christmas!

Candle Holders: Not Just for Candles

Angel Candle HolderDespite what many people think, candle holders can be used for more than displaying candles. I bought some beautiful angel candle holders but realized the candles I had wouldn’t work. Time for a creative solution! I looked at my Christmas decorations and decided to see how a bulb would look in the candle holder. I tried various colors/styles and finally settled on the blue bulb. Using something in a unique way is not only a conversation piece, but is also fun. Try it out at home to see if you like it. You can also be creative with pillar candle holders. Try stacking several bulbs or creating a pyramid of chocolates or other candy. Your only limitation is your imagination.