Thanksgiving Decor: The Centerpiece

Simple centerpiece_Thanksgiving 2015In my third post I’ll be showing off my beautiful centerpiece. This centerpiece features a crystal vase filled with Fall foliage and three angels in the forefront. I came home to find that my Mom added the three angels while I was at work (the two small ones are from Germany). I loved the beautiful simplicity of the arrangement, so I kept it as is! The colors of the angels, foliage, and tablecloth all blend together perfectly. Except for a handful of flowers, everything else was something we already had. If possible, it’s preferable to decorate with items you own. It’ll give you a chance to be creative with long-lost treasures, and to demonstrate your overall sense of style.

The Christmas Table

Christmas table 2014In order to get prepared for Christmas dinner, the first thing you need to do is decorate the table! As pictured above, I have a combination of nutcrackers, a glittery deer, birds, trees, and a ceramic town scene. While many people would only choose one of these elements as a focal point, I decided to use all of them! It gives the table more interest, and creates multiple conversation pieces via all the different decorations. There are an infinite number of ways to decorate your table. You can have one large centerpiece, decorate part of your table, create an ornate tablescape, or keep it simple by using a single, muted color. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to have a beautiful table that will impress and delight your guests!

The Bird in the Bush

Bird in the bushI was sitting at my desk one day and kept hearing a bunch of birds outside my window. After awhile I decided to peek out of my window and saw several birds hopping around the garden and front yard. I looked down from my window and saw something moving in one of the bushes. Upon closer inspection I saw that it was a little bird-how cute! It kept jumping from branch to branch, but I was finally able to snap a photo of it. I love how the bird blends in so well with the branches (that’s nature!). This type of photo would be great to display as a centerpiece on a wall or shelf. It features both earth tones and pops of color, and could be a conversation piece due to the presence of wildlife. You can get a similar picture if you keep your ears and eyes open to the wildlife around you. Nature can be found right outside your door, so be sure to have your camera ready to get some awesome nature shots!

Shell Wings

Shell wingsWhen I saw this shell sitting on the sand I immediately thought it looked like a pair of wings. I like the contrast of the pale shell against the wet sand. It’s awesome that you can see the sun reflected in the left ‘wing.’ A photo like this would look great as a centerpiece on a wall. This type of photo is not only unique, but the earth tones go with every decor. Have a photo you took of nature? Dig it out and use it to freshen up your space! Remember, no matter what decorating scheme you use, you can always find something new to go with your style!

Decorate More than the Center of Your Table

Table decorationWhen you look for inspiration on how to decorate your table, the word “centerpiece” is always mentioned. But what if you won’t have a table full of guests? Decorate the side of the table you won’t be using. Our dining room table will seat six, but there’s only three of us. Instead of using a centerpiece, I decorate the other side of the table. As pictured, I have trees, angel candle holders, trains, garland, a vase with flowers, and miniature shops. It’s a great way to use various types of decorations to liven up a large area of your table. Remember, not limiting yourself to only a centerpiece is bold, creative, and lots of fun-try it out on your table for New Year’s!