Wall of Venetian Art

The Venetian WallThis picture was taken at the center section of the museum bridge. This installation is called the Venetian Wall, and is made up of 109 different glass sculptures. Despite the size of this art piece, it is possible to replicate this in a small space. Choose a bookshelf that fits your space (many are on sale this time of year), and fill part or all of it with glass pieces. These can be any style you want and can be purchased at big box, craft, or second-hand stores. Display a wide variety of colors and shapes to get the feel of the wall in my photo. Not only will your wall create a conversation piece, but will also let you show off beautiful art!

Bridge of Glass: Towers

Crystal TowersThis picture is another art installation along the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. It’s a photo of the Crystal Towers, which marks the center of the bridge. Blue is one of my favorite colors, so I had to get a shot of these tall pieces of art. At night the towers are illuminated, thus being a focal point both during the day and in the evening. Do you have a local landmark that lights up at night? Take pictures of it during the day and at night, and then display the photos on your wall. This will give the object you photograph two distinct looks. Whether you decide to display both images at once or swap them out with the seasons, you can have two unique perspectives on a local landmark!

Bridge of Glass: Ceiling

Glass bridge ceilingThis is a picture of an art installation, named the Seaform Pavilion, adjacent to the museum I’ve previously blogged about. The ceiling is part of the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. It’s part of a bridge that spans over a highway and links two different museums. As I was crossing the bridge I was surprised to look up and see this beautiful ceiling. I love how they layered the various pieces above the main glass panel. Though it may seem impossible, you can get this look in your very own space. If you have a glass table with a display space underneath, you can layer various glass pieces from a craft or second-hand store underneath. You could also purchase a shallow bowl or apothecary jar and use the same layering technique to display you favorite pieces. The best part? Since you created it, it will be the perfect reflection of your style and personality!