On the Edge of the Cliff

Trees on the cliff edgeWhile I was exploring my local beach I turned to view the cliffs that border the park. As I walked further down I noticed something extraordinary: a group of trees dangling precariously off the cliff! It was obvious that at some point the park’s owners had determined that the large group of trees was a danger to visitors. As seen from the picture on the right, they eventually cut the trees near the base and left gravity to do the rest. I thought it was a very interesting image, and also a great conversation piece. It’s amazing to think how long those trees had been there (I’m guessing a long time based on the thickness of the trunks) and how they might have looked before they were cut. Since this picture features earth tones, it’s the type of photo that could be used to add interest to a space without having it clashing with your current design scheme. Remember, photos with a muted color scheme can not only add interest to your space, but also provide another point of interest for you and your guests to enjoy!

The Tree Roots

Evergreen tree rootsWhen I saw this I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! But the closer I got I was able to see the wonders of nature. As you can see, the roots of this large evergreen are completely visible. Despite this, the tree seemed to be hanging on to the cliff. Upon closer inspection I was able to see various layers of sand and dirt intertwined with the roots. It was awesome to be able to walk closer and see the cavern left by the roots. This simple yet powerful image would be the perfect addition to an office or den. A photo like this not only makes a big impact, but it’s colors will go with anything. Want a similar picture? Go to an area that has cliffs (park, ocean, cove, etc.) and you should find something similar. Once you find that perfect tree, all you need is a camera and a good angle to have your own awesome photo!

The Tree on the Cliff

Tree on the cliffAs I looked up I saw this tree growing out of the cliff. I thought it would make a good photo, so I snapped a picture. I love how the tree looks like it can fall at any moment. Despite its precarious position, it’s standing strong. I think this also represents life. We often feel like we’re about to go over a cliff, but the key is to just keep hanging in there!