The Arched Passageway

Arched hallwayAs I walked down this passageway, I noticed something unique in its architecture: mismatched archways. I love the combination of different arches in this hallway! It’s very unusual, and the addition of the marble walls and crown molding adds an extra special touch. This a great example of architectural elements that you can bring into your home. While many of us can’t afford to have a similar set of arches installed in our home, there are other ways use this look. You can mix square and round tables in a living room, use multiple styles of furniture, or install lighting in various shapes. Often we feel the need to have every detail in our decorating theme matching. However, adding unexpected details is a great way to make a space your own.

Dress Up Your Ceiling

Fancy ceilingWhen most of us think of redecorating our space we often neglect our ceilings. But why stop at your walls? There are plenty of ways to add interest to your ceilings. An example is the photo on the right. They used a combination of medallions and crown molding to dress up this ceiling. You could buy a ceiling medallion at your local hardware store and install it in your dining room. If that seems a little too involved or permanent, there are other ways to dress up your ceiling. You can buy stencils or peel-and-stick designs at your local craft of big box store and use those on your ceiling. I’ve used peel-and-stick designs during the holidays and think that’s your best bet for trying this decorating idea. Whether you use a fancy or more casual design, you too can have a ceiling that pops.

Mix Patterns

Crown molding - mixedWhen you think of mixed patterns, most people visualize a disaster. But, as evidenced from this photo, it can sometimes work with interior decorating. The crown molding pictured features several types of patterns and colors. The key? The colors are muted and the patterns all have gold to tie them together. Having mixed patterns with a common element is a great way to try this trend. My suggestion? Buy a few throw pillows and add them to your bedroom or living room. It only takes a little pattern to make a big impact.

Grand, Ornate Spaces

Grand space with chandelierThough most of our spaces pale in comparison, you can still get inspiration from grand, ornate spaces. Whether it’s the colors, crown molding, lighting, or other component, these elements can be used in your very own space. Try a colorful ceiling, a cornice, or even an ornate fixture. Remember, not to go overboard-a little bit goes long way. What grand spaces inspire you?