Dressing Up Your Office Door

Office door decor_Christmas 2015Around this time of year we’re so busy we often forget to decorate a place we spend the majority of our day: the office! This year, I decided to inject a bit of holiday spirit by adding red bows to my door frame. I also added two large, gold snowflakes to my door and a red bow on the handle. If you don’t have an office with a door, you can dress up your cubicle with holiday decor or small ornaments. If you work in an open office, try adding a small Christmas tree or tape snowflakes around the edge of your desk. Remember, it only takes a little bit of holiday spirit to bring a smile to someone’s face!

Frame a Window

Ornate windowAs I said in a previous post, I work in a cubicle with no window. Besides creating my own window, another solution is to frame the picture of a window. I took this photo of an ornate window on a clear, sunny day. Not only will I have a new piece of art in my cubicle, but I’ll also have the illusion of a real window. Whether the window you use looks out onto the sea, a mountain, the sky, or somewhere else, you, too can create an awesome view!.

Give Your Cubicle A Window

Cubicle windowDo you, like me, currently work in a cubicle? If so, you know what’s it’s like to not have a real window. My solution? Create your own! I used color paper to create grass, trees, a bush, sun, and clouds in my cubicle window. Not only did this allow me to be creative, but also gives me something nice to look at-plus I’ve already received several compliments on my work. Have a faux window in your cubicle? Try creating your own window this week. You’ll be surprise how much you, and others, will enjoy it.