Birds of a Feather

Geese and ducksEveryone’s heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together.” But nature obviously has different ideas. The photo above is the perfect example of birds of all feathers flocking together. While walking along my local estuary, I noticed a small island in the middle of the water. Zooming in with my camera, I saw a combination of geese and ducks enjoying the sunny weather. It reminded me of another post I did, so I just had to take the picture. As Spring is fast approaching, it signals the time to update your decor. Adding several pictures of birds, or other animals in sunny weather is a great way to get started. You could group several framed photos on a desk or shelf, or create a collage on a wall as a focal point. The setting and type of birds are up to your creativity. Whether using images taken at a state park or even your own backyard, you can easily update your space for the season!

Hide and go Peep

Happy Easter! While most people decorate their space with eggs, bunnies, and other well-known items this time of year, there are other options to brighten your space. One such example is the picture on the right. I’ve taken a plush Peep and have placed it among several types of silk flowers, creating a fun and unique Easter scene. You can create a similar scene using any combination of stuffed animals, foliage, and a background. Place it front and center on a table, desk, or shelf. Short on space? Create multiple scenes, photograph them, and hang them gallery-style on a wall. With a bit of imagination, you can create unique Easter decor that’s all you.

Combine and Conquer

Pink roses and lilacsEarlier this week I received two lovely bouquets from people I work with (it was Administrative Assistants Day). They were two different varieties of flowers, but I thought they would look awesome together. I combined a bouquet of pink roses and several bunches of lilacs into a vase and viola: instant glamour! I love how the lilacs provide additional visual interest between the vase and the roses by filling the space between them. These flowers provide a great pop of color to my desk, brightening up an otherwise plain space. There’s nothing like being able to lean over and take a whiff of fresh flowers! Adding flowers to your desk or office is a great way to add color and interest to your space. No matter what type of flowers you choose, you can have a space that brings spring inside for you to enjoy!

The Sunset

The sunsetI looked out my window one night around sunset and noticed the beautiful colors in the sky. I love sunsets that have different colors, especially the pinks and oranges featured in my photo. I also like the shape of the clouds and how they stretch across the sky. Not all sunsets are this colorful, but when they are it’s time to grab your camera! This type of photo would be great to display on a shelf or desk. It will give you a subtle pop of color and remind you of beautiful sunsets to come.

Decorate with a Lunchbox

Lunchbox-frontWhen most people think of lunch boxes, they usually think childhood. Well, lunch boxes can hold more than just your lunch! For example, this metal lunchbox with cats on it (bought several years ago in a bookstore’s stationary section) is kept upright on my desk. What’s in it? I have CD’s, pens, markers, papers; things that would normally clutter my desk. By putting your stuff in a lunchbox, it not only saves space, but can also give you something cute to look at while you’re working. Next time you’re at a bookstore, go into the stationary section and see what they have to offer. You might find that a lunchbox is just what you need to declutter and dress up your desk.