Jellyfish at the Beach

Jellyfish at the beachAs I strolled the beach in my previous post I decided to walk closer to the water. I found a few shells and thought I’d wash them out in the water. You can imagine my surprise when I looked into the water and saw that it was full of jellyfish! I decided not to stick my hand into the water, and instead opted to take a photo of the jellyfish. It’s amazing how well these creatures blend in to their environment. Photos like these are always a good conversation piece. It’s always fun to see who can find the creature or other hidden element. This is a great photo to use at a party or some other get-together. Whether it’s a photo you take yourself or buy at a store, you, too, can have a great conversation piece!

Through the Woods

Staircase in the woodsAs I made my way past the creepy trees pictured in my previous post, I kept walking down the long dirt trail. After a few minutes meandering down the path and looking at the dense forest around me, I noticed a small valley to my right. As I kept walking, I was surprised to find that the dirt path became a staircase. It looks like the park’s designers literally cut a path through the woods to create this path down a steep embankment. There’s even a section (not pictured) where the stairs go through a large, fallen tree trunk. I thought the stairs were both cool and unexpected in such a dense environment, and decided to snap a photo! They blend in well with the environment, and this can be an inspiration for your own space. Adding accents and accessories in the same color family is a great way to bring a space together. Colors come in many shades, so no matter what color you choose, you’ll have a large variety to draw inspiration from and decorate your space!