Lightly Etched Glass

Lightly etched fixtureWhen you walk under lights you tend to notice only the shape and overall design. However, when I saw this light, it appeared to feature etched glass. The etching was so faint I could barely see it, but on closer inspection I was able to see a design and pattern on the glass. As seen below, the light features various patterns and designs that complement the fixture’s shape and its scalloped, copper-colored base.

Lightly etched fixture_close up

Using glass that is lightly etched is a great way to add style without taking away from the other features in the room. If installing a new light fixture in your ceiling is a bit daunting, try using lamps in various sizes and shapes to get a similar look. No matter what type of fixture you use, you’ll have a light that not only brightens your space, but also provides a unique accent to any room.

Decorating with Clocks: Part 4

Wall clock_living roomWelcome to my fourth, and final, post on decorating with clocks! For today’s post, I’ll be concentrating on a clock you may have seen in the background of several other posts. Specifically, I’ll be showcasing the wall clock in my living room. We brought this clock back from Europe (I’m an Army brat) and have proudly displayed it from house to house. As seen on the right, the clock is oak with a brass-colored face that features roman numerals. The weights and pendulum, which are not decorative but are used to operate the clock, are also brass in color.

Wall clock face_living roomA close-up of the face, also shown right, shows the details of intricately etched clock face. Unlike the clocks shown in my previous posts, clocks like these are different in that their size and weight limit their location. Despite this, they can be a focal point and conversation piece precisely because they are so different. If you can’t make it to Europe to pick one up, they can be found online, at military bases, and in some antique stores. They come in a variety of finishes that guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for.

The Glass Town

The Glass TownThis is a photo of a town etched in glass. It’s part of an exhibit called “CAUTION! Fragile. Irish Glass: Tradition in Transition” by artist Róisín de Buitléar. I’ve always had a fondness for etched glass, and when I saw this piece I just had to take a photo! Since etched glass pieces are usually always made of clear glass, they’re the perfect addition to any shelf or nook. Simple etched glass pieces can be found at gift shops or online for a reasonable price. If you prefer something more complex or similar to the art in my photo, you’re best bet is to peruse an art gallery. Looking to be creative? You can also buy glass etching kits at your local craft store. Add interest to a vase, lamp, mirror, or any other piece you’d like. No matter your budget or tastes, you’ll be able to find a piece that’s all you!

Etched Glass Lighting

Etched pendant lightWhen I saw this beautiful etched glass pendant light I thought it was a great way to add sophistication to what would normally be plain glass. As to not overwhelm the space, only every other light contained an etched image. While this look may seem complicated and expensive, it can be far from it if you know where to look. A plain glass light fixture can either be found in your home, or purchased from a local big box or hardware store. Once you have the fixture, you can pick up a glass etching kit at your local craft store (read the back to make sure the kit is heat safe). Now that you’ve got your supplies, it’s time to create! Did you create a look that’s whimsical, classic, fun, or unique? No matter the design, the look should reflect the feel of the space and your personal tastes.