The Butterfly Bush

The butterfly bushI have many varieties of flora in my garden, including many types of bushes. The picture above is a photo of our Butterfly Bush. As the name implies, they attract butterflies when the bush starts to blossom. While our three bushes have pink flowers, these bushes also come in many different colors. They can get very large (no matter how much we cut them back they just keep growing), and are a great way to fill in a gap in your garden. Not to mention their lovely flowers that attract butterflies. Pink and green are a great color scheme, and you can add it to your space easily and economically. You can add pink flowers to a vase, buy throw pillows with a floral pattern, or buy floral fabric and create your own pillow cases. The best colors and patterns come from nature, and you can easily bring those elements into your home!

The Iris

IrisA few years ago we planted some Iris bulbs in our front garden. Every year they’re one of the first plants to sprout. As you can see from the picture, ours are a lovely yellow and purple color. These colors go together beautifully and are a great example of coordinating spring colors. Want to integrate this into your decor? There are several simple (and economical) ways to accomplish this. You can take a photo of flowers with similar colors in your garden and frame it, add throw pillows or colorful shams, place your plates on colorful chargers, or buy flowers (real or faux) and display them in a glass vase. How will you use spring colors?

The Rhododendron

Pink rhododendronAs I was admiring the front garden I decided to take a picture of our rhododendron. It was supposed to be a bright pink, but the first year it bloomed it was extremely pale in color. However, with every year that passes the flowers tend to get brighter. This was the first time this has happened with a rhododendron we’ve planted, but each plant is different. This type of picture would be a great poster or mural on an accent wall for someone who loves flowers or a cream and pink color scheme. This is also the type of photo I’d frame and put on a desk to remind me of the outdoors (especially if your workplace has few windows).

Light Up Your Garden

Outdoor lampGardens in themselves are wonderful places: flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. Why not add lighting to the mix? An example is this outdoor lamp I found while out on a stroll. Obviously, most of us can’t afford a lamp this big or ornate in our gardens. The solution? Find a mirrored globe and elevate it on a decorative column. You can also use a lamp-like sculpture or other object (the ‘lamp’ doesn’t need to actually work-it’s the overall visual that counts). Though it’s not quite spring, it’s the perfect time to start planning out your garden!