The Mysterious Chimney

Steam plant chimneyRising from behind a line of trees that slopes into the lake is a mysterious chimney. Occasionally there was smoke billowing out of it, but what was it connected to? After some research I found out: a steam plant! As I’ve stated in previous posts, I work in and around many historic buildings. When our buildings were constructed, they featured a state of the art heating technology: steam. To this day, all our buildings are still heated by an onsite steam plant. It’s a very cool piece of history and also a wonder of technology. Do you have a unique piece of history or technology where you work or live? If so, take a photo! Not only is it a great conversation piece to add to your decor, but it’s also a great way to capture a piece of history.

The Vault Door

Vault doorsOne day I passed something unusual as I was walking down a hallway: a vault door! I discovered that over the years, this building had been used for multiple purposes. At one time, parts of it were used to store historical documents. Based on this, it would make sense that they would need a vault to protect and secure them. Instead of having the contractor remove the door when they remodeled the building, they left it in place-a great example of preserving historical elements. If you have an old door, windows, or other architectural details, trying keeping them intact to showcase the space’s history. Not only will you be preserving history, but will also have a great story to tell your guests!

The Watery Jail

Watery jailAs I made my way around the river’s edge, I looked across the water and saw this strange structure. As soon as I saw it I thought, “that looks just like a jail!” I thought it would be an interesting photo to put on my blog, so I took a picture. I kept wondering what this structure was or used to be. After some digging I found out what the structure used to be: it’s the remnant of my county’s first hydroelectric power plant. The original structure was built in the late 1800’s. I thought it made a very interesting picture, and captures a piece of history. Ever pass by a dilapidated structure and wonder what it might have been? Try looking for nearby plaques or historical markers, or searching for information online. No matter where you live, you’ll be surprised how much history is around you!