Sailing into the Sun

The Adventuress_view aheadDue to the nice weather this weekend, I decided to feature a picture of the same sailing ship from one of my previous posts. It’s on a day like this I can imagine being outside, enjoying the water and the views. The picture on the right perfectly illustrates this. This is the type of photo that would be great in a living or dining room. The neutral colors of the ship go perfectly with any decor, and the scale of the background creates a grandiose feel to the space. No tall sailing ships in your local marina? Any ship, sail or no sail, can still work in your space. As long as you’re able to capture the feel of a summer day on the water, you’ve got the perfect shot.

Sailing on a Lunchtime Adventure

The Adventuress_mast and sailOne sunny day I got word from a coworker that a tall sailing ship was docked at our local marina. The best part? They were offering free tours to the public. I decided it was time for an adventure! I grabbed a buddy and a quick five-minute drive took us to a ship called the Adventuress. It was awesome to be able to board the ship, talk to the crew, take lots of photos, and enjoy the view. The picture on the right shows the towering mast and its lowered sail. Similar photos can be taken by visiting your local marina. Not only will you be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine, but will also have a new addition to decorate your space!

The Shimmering Lake

Shimmering lakeTo the right is a picture I took of my local lake on a sunny day. I love how the rays of the sun shine on the water, while above is blue sky and sunshine. You have to be in the right place at the right time to get a shot like this, but when you do it’s so worth it! This is the type of photo that would be great to frame and display in any area of your home. You can also use the colors in the photo as an inspiration when chosing a theme for your accessories. As I’ve said in a previous post, you can get great inspiration from the colors found in nature. Have a local body of water? Whether a lake, ocean, marina, or creek, you can get a great photo of nature to inspire your decor!

Marina Views

Marina with clear skiesAside from the ocean, I think marinas make a great photo-op. This photo was taken on a sunny day in an area that featured a lookout tower (which afforded me this great view). This is the type of photo I’d frame and keep on my desk to remind me of a fun getaway (literally if I had a boat!). Have a favorite body of water? If so, go to your favorite coastal spot, marina, lake, or waterway and create your own day-dream in a photo.

Water and Mountains

Mountains and marinaThere are lots of places to capture nature’s beauty. I like to find a body of water (or a place that has a view of one) and start snapping away! I was able to get a shot of a marina, clouds, and a mountain range-stunning! It’s a gorgeous view and would make a great work of art. An alternative to just printing the photo is to find a place that will alter your photo to look like a painting. You can find this service at online stores and in certain big box membership stores. Time to go out and find your own piece of nature to turn into art!