The Foundry’s Ruins

Foundry ruinsThe picture above is what remains of a once robust foundry. I showed other areas of this foundry in my previous posts. The circular area pictured is where the metal was melted and forged. Given the proximity to water, a pier, and the railroad (in the background), it’s no wonder the company chose this spot for their foundry. I’m sure that at one point this foundry was one of the biggest employers in the city. Now, I doubt anyone even knows the company’s name. I think it’s important to keep remnants of the past on display. Not only can they be turned into parks, but are also a reminder of an area’s past.

The Past Remains

Foundry pierHave you ever seen an old dock and wondered what was there? Well, in this case it turns out to be part of what was a foundry. There were multiple foundations nearby (not pictured) that at one point linked to a large dock. The pilings of the former dock are pictured in this post. You can image the foundry its heyday: producing metal and shipping them out via the dock to parts unknown. The remains of this place reminds us that the past is never truly forgotten. If we’re lucky, the past can inspire us in the present.