A Path to Somewhere

Path to somewhereWelcome to 2020! People often use this time to year to create and (hopefully) accomplish new goals. In other words, we’re likely starting on a new path. While many people use a mood or inspiration board to keep motivated, I think a picture can be a great inspiration for your journey. A picture similar to the one above can be a great reminder to keep moving forward in anticipation of what’s ahead. Try hanging the picture in a place you’ll see daily, like an entryway or bedroom. While my photo was taken at a wildlife refuge, your photo can be a path from anywhere: a garden, beach, sidewalk, or an opening in the clouds. No matter what type of path you choose to use, let it be your inspiration for a new year.

The Well Manicured Path

Manicured_meandering pathOne day, I decided to travel a bit further than usual on my daily walk. When I did, I discovered this well manicured, meandering path. I love the simple design of this area, and thought it was a great inspiration for an outdoor space. The picture above is a great example of a low-maintenance way to create a great look for any outdoor area. You can border a path or patio with pebbles, and then add bark for a bit of texture. In addition, planting evergreen shrubs or drought resistant succulents is a great way to incorporate a touch of green into the space. Looking for a touch of color without having to water flowers? Use glass floats in your favorite colors throughout your new landscape to add both interest and whimsy. Whether inside or out, you can find great inspiration to create a beautiful space!

Reaching Out Towards the Sun

Tree reaching towards sunAs I walked along a path I noticed a tree that seemed to be reaching out from the ground towards the sun. As pictured on the right, the tree was fairly large, covered in moss, and part of it illuminated by the sun. Not only do the earth tones go with anything, but it’s just a cool picture! As I’ve said before, nature can be both a focal point in any space and a great inspiration. No matter what you can capture with your camera, you’re sure to find a way to bring the outdoors into any space!

Creepy Crawly!

Beetle in the forestSince it’s Halloween, I thought this would be the perfect time to share a few pictures I took on a walk in the woods. As I was walking down the path I noticed something running across the ground in front of me. I remember thinking, “this is too big to be a bug…right?” Wrong! I zoomed in with my camera and snapped a shot of this beetle. I don’t know what type of beetle it was, but thankfully it seemed more interested in getting off the path than trying to get near me.

Caterpillar on the forest floorA few steps after encountering the beetle I saw another creature: a caterpillar! Though not nearly as scary, I thought it’s coloring was a perfect match to the holiday. Both of these pictures are the perfect inspiration for a Halloween party. Taking inspiration from creatures found in nature not only gives you a great color scheme, but also ideas for how you can decorate your space. Whether you choose bugs, bats, or another type of creature, remember that nature can often provide the scariest backdrop for your party!

The Water Through the Trees

Peek of water through treesOnce you’ve gone through the forest and come towards the end of the path, you see a peek of water beautifully framed between two trees. What a sight! It makes the creepy trees and mud worth the trek. I love how the brightness of the sun on the water contrasts with the shaded section of forest I took the photo in. This is the type of photo I’d frame and put on a table or desk, or hang on a wall within a grouping of similar nature photos. Want a similar look for your space? Try taking a photo at your favorite locale from a shaded area on a bright day. Not only will you get to enjoy the great outdoors, but you’ll also have a unique photo to showcase your talents!

The Path Through the Trees (Literally!)

Path through the tree trunkRemember that post I wrote a few weeks ago? I mentioned how at one point the path I was on literally went through a tree trunk. Thought I was joking? As you can see from the picture on the right, the park’s designers just cut through the trunk and continued the path down towards the beach. I really like this picture and all the symbolism it represents. It reminds us that although obstacles might try to stop us, you have to keep going! This is the type of image I’d put on a Thinking of You card. Images like this can not only benefit the one who captured the photo, but also those going through a rough patch in their life. Have an inspiring photo? Use it to bring joy, comfort, and a bit of style, to yourself or those around you.