Sea Lions on the Dock

Sea lions in the bayAs I walked down the pier my ears detected a loud barking sound somewhere off in the distance. I instantly recognized it as sea lions! I followed the crowds and walked out onto a pier that was situated over the bay. When I looked down, I saw a large group of sea lions lounging on several docks that were floating on the water’s surface. This area is a major tourist spot, and even at the busiest times one can usually find a spot to watch and take a few photos. This brings up a great tip: check out tourist spots! Often times people tend to avoid touristy areas, but you can actually find great photo ops in those locations. Additionally, the nearby shops sold sea lion stuffed animals which would pair perfectly next to a similar framed photo! With a picture and a small purchase, you can turn a shelf or nightstand into an animal oasis that showcases both your photography and sense of whimsy!

The Foundry’s Ruins

Foundry ruinsThe picture above is what remains of a once robust foundry. I showed other areas of this foundry in my previous posts. The circular area pictured is where the metal was melted and forged. Given the proximity to water, a pier, and the railroad (in the background), it’s no wonder the company chose this spot for their foundry. I’m sure that at one point this foundry was one of the biggest employers in the city. Now, I doubt anyone even knows the company’s name. I think it’s important to keep remnants of the past on display. Not only can they be turned into parks, but are also a reminder of an area’s past.

Tunnel Under the Pier

Pier tunnelHave you ever flipped through a magazine, seen a picture, and thought “I’d like to take a picture like that?” I think everyone has at some point. But how often does it actually happen? I saw a picture of the underside of a pier in a magazine I bought. I thought it was a really cool picture: the underside of a pier that created a tunnel into the ocean. About a week later I was walking along the waterfront and what do I see? I shot that looks almost exactly like the one in my magazine! Jackpot! So I moved closer to the water until I was able to get the shot in this post. Magazines and other publications can be great inspirations for your photos and decorating. Whether the magazine deals with travel, architecture, photography, anime, or gardening, it’s the inspiration you get from it that matters.