Bringing the Spring into Fall

Looking for a bit of sunshine during this dreary time of year? A floral pop is the perfect solution! This can include a vase with bright flowers, throw pillows with a floral pattern, or a framed picture. The pictures can be small and placed on a table or shelf, or large and used as a focal point on a wall. An example is the photo of the Black-Eyed Susans on the right. This bright yellow pop of color is a great way to bring Spring flowers into Fall and brighten up your space. No matter what type of flower is you favorite, you can keep it on display year-round to add the perfect pop of color to any room.

The Classic Black and White Color Scheme

When updating your decor, there are so many different styles to consider. However, sometimes it’s best to look back at classic themes-specifically the classic black and white. These two colors not only go with everything, but there are a myriad of shades for each to help you customize a look. Add a bit of glamour by adding in black accessories like a vase, lamp, or clock. Brighten up a space with crisp white pillows, flower-filled vase, or rug. Can’t decide between the two? Combine them by displaying a classic monochromatic photograph similar to the one on the right. In addition, you can amp up the wow factor by featuring an image with classic architectural elements such as columns, domed structures, and large stone blocks.

Classic Blue and White: Inspiration from Nature

Classic blue and white: cloudsAs I’ve stated in previous posts, you can find lots of inspiration from nature and what’s around you. An example is the classic blue and white color palette. The inspiration? The sky! This color combination provides just the right amount of brightness, while also being able to blend into one’s current decor. In addition, there are so many different shades of blue, that you’re sure to find one that’s a perfect fit for your space. You can go all out and have an entire room in blue and white, or you can add just a few accessories. Take a picture of the sky and hang it prominently on a wall, create a cluster of blue and white vases, add throw pillows, or add a new rug to a room. No matter how much blue and white you decide to use, you’re sure to create a bright and airy feel in your space!

Picture a Pattern: Part 4

Polka dots_black and grayFor the fourth post in this series, I’ll once again be focusing on a pattern from one of my dresses. This one is a simple polka dot a pattern in black and gray. This pattern can easily go with any decor, and would be the perfect addition to frame and put on your wall. Looking for a way to tie a pattern into the rest of your room? Buy a similar fabric and create covers for your pillows. Doing this is an easy and inexpensive way to create a cohesive look for any room. With a little imagination, even the simplest of patterns can create a new look for an old space!

Snow-Capped Mountain Range

Snow-capped mountain rangeOn a recent walk I happened to look over towards the bay and noticed the snow-capped mountains in the distance. I love the layers of colors in this photo: the blue of the water, green trees, and white mountains. You can bring a similar color trio into your space as well! Try adding blue, green, and white throw pillows to a couch or bed to update the look. The pillows can be plain, or you can go bold with a large geometric pattern. We often want to start fresh for the new year, but a complete overhaul of your decor can be costly. By using a few throw pillows to update your look, you can easily, and affordably, update your space.

The Tree’s Hand

Tree with a handIt’s amazing all the different ways that a tree can grow! An example is the tree pictured to the right. The way the large branch towards the back splits off looks like a hand reaching out towards the sky. It’s a very quirky image, and is a great inspiration for a decorating theme! Aside from the colors (blue, green, white, and various shades of brown), a similar photo could be used as a base for a quirky decorating scheme. Like the tree, you can use accessories that blend in, more than stand out, within your space. Try a textured vase, throw pillows in various shapes, or an oddly shaped picture frame. Adding quirky elements will give your space a cohesive-look that’s not only colorful, but is also fun.

The Iris

IrisA few years ago we planted some Iris bulbs in our front garden. Every year they’re one of the first plants to sprout. As you can see from the picture, ours are a lovely yellow and purple color. These colors go together beautifully and are a great example of coordinating spring colors. Want to integrate this into your decor? There are several simple (and economical) ways to accomplish this. You can take a photo of flowers with similar colors in your garden and frame it, add throw pillows or colorful shams, place your plates on colorful chargers, or buy flowers (real or faux) and display them in a glass vase. How will you use spring colors?

Mix Patterns

Crown molding - mixedWhen you think of mixed patterns, most people visualize a disaster. But, as evidenced from this photo, it can sometimes work with interior decorating. The crown molding pictured features several types of patterns and colors. The key? The colors are muted and the patterns all have gold to tie them together. Having mixed patterns with a common element is a great way to try this trend. My suggestion? Buy a few throw pillows and add them to your bedroom or living room. It only takes a little pattern to make a big impact.

Draw Inspiration from Nature

Overlooking lake at duskDo you live near a body of water or other type of natural space? If so, draw inspiration from it! Looking at this picture I took overlooking a lake near dusk, I can’t help but be inspired by the colors of nature-browns, blues, white, cream, pinks, etc. They’re all great colors to use this time of year. Have a piece of furniture you’d like to spruce up a bit? Add throw pillows in colors found in nature. It’ll not only add a pop of color, but is also a budget friendly option.