The Storybook House

On many of my lunchtime walks I often pass a house that looks like it was taken right out of a fairytale. This storybook house (above), is a beautiful brick house with a turret. Instead of taking a picture of the front of the house, I decided to take a photo from the side of the house. The house is perfectly framed by the hydrangeas in the foreground, with a row of pine trees in the background. The bright, noon-day sun provides an additional magic touch to this storybook house. No matter which fairytale is your favorite, you’ll likely be able to find a real life inspiration right in your own backyard.

Sunset Over the City

Sunset over city_pink skyThere’s nothing like looking out the window and seeing a beautiful sunset! As seen above, I was able to get a gorgeous shot of the sky as the sun was setting. I love how it was lit up in various shades of pink, the clouds looking like waves. The columned building, along with maple and pine trees gives added depth to this shot. The best part? If you look towards the bottom of the picture, you’ll notice the twinkling of city lights! This is a great time of year to take photos of beautiful sunsets. You can prominently display one on a wall, or create a collection of photos to decorate several areas in your space. No matter what you choose, you can bring a beautiful Spring sky into your home!

The Sun Drifting through the Pine

Split pine with sunHello, and welcome to my 100th post! I decided to post a picture of this unique looking pine tree I noticed along a walking path. I was even able to take the picture with the sun shining down through the upper branches. I love finding unique pieces in nature! Not only are they fun to look at, but they’re also free. A photo like this would look great in a den or office. The earth tones go with any decor, and the sun shining down gives an element of warmth to any space. Next time you go to your local park or beach, look for the uniqueness in nature. Once you take a photo of what you find, you can bring the outside in and create a feeling of warmth all year long.

Here’s to another 100 posts-look for more tips and great things to come!