The Glass Sculpture

Glass sculptureOutside the entrance to the museum mentioned in my previous post is a glass sculpture installation in a shallow pool. This gives you a great first impression of what lies inside for museum visitors. Additionally, the museum is bordered by a waterway, so you have water elements all around you. The clear glass used in this sculpture is a great way to display art without having it take away or clash with the surrounding environment. Likewise, this same sort of element can work when decorating your space. Try buying clear glass in various shapes (globes, vases, boxes, stars, etc.) and display them together on a shelf or table. These can be purchased at your local craft or big box store. Once you’re done, you’ll have art that not only transforms your space, but also gives it an air of sophistication!

Light Up Your Garden

Outdoor lampGardens in themselves are wonderful places: flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. Why not add lighting to the mix? An example is this outdoor lamp I found while out on a stroll. Obviously, most of us can’t afford a lamp this big or ornate in our gardens. The solution? Find a mirrored globe and elevate it on a decorative column. You can also use a lamp-like sculpture or other object (the ‘lamp’ doesn’t need to actually work-it’s the overall visual that counts). Though it’s not quite spring, it’s the perfect time to start planning out your garden!