Creatures of the Tide: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my Creatures of the Tide series! For this post I’m featuring a cluster of barnacles and sea snails I found on a nearby rock. I love the color contrast between the snails’ shells, and the neutral color of the barnacles. The shells range from a dark grey to purple. One of the best things about this photo? It holds a secret surprise! If you look closely, you’ll find there’s a snail inside the shell of a barnacle. Photos like this not only showcase the variety of sea life, but also the surprises that are in plain sight. Join me next time for Part 3 of this series!

Creatures of the Tide: Part 1

While taking a walk at a waterfront city park, I decided to explore a small beach that featured lots of drift wood and rocks along the shore. Looking closer, I found several limpets clinging to the rocks and driftwood. The one pictured below was hiding among some barnacles. Nature is all around us, but sometimes we have to slow down to find it. Small creatures like these are a unique way to bring the outdoors into your home. A collection of similar photos gathered together would make a great collage to update your space for the summer. Stay tuned for more pictures featuring creatures of the tide found along the shoreline!

The Perfect Shell

Perfect shell_park beachAnyone that enjoys beach combing knows that one of the challenges is finding a perfect shell for your collection. Often you’ll find half a shell, or one that’s been damaged from its voyage. But, as I was walking on the beach, it appeared: a beautiful shell! It was just sitting there waiting to be picked up. After making sure the shell was vacant (shells with creatures in or on them should be put back into the water), it was picked up and taken with us on the rest of our walk. This shell presents so many opportunities to decorate! You could frame the picture and use it to accentuate a nautical theme, add the shell to your collection, display it as a stand-alone piece, or nestle it among a group of candles for an elegant look. What was the last thing you collected while out enjoying nature? No matter what it was, there are a myriad of ways for you to stylishly add it to your space!

By the way, did anyone notice the rock behind the shell that has “eyes” on it? An even more unique picture!

Shell Wings

Shell wingsWhen I saw this shell sitting on the sand I immediately thought it looked like a pair of wings. I like the contrast of the pale shell against the wet sand. It’s awesome that you can see the sun reflected in the left ‘wing.’ A photo like this would look great as a centerpiece on a wall. This type of photo is not only unique, but the earth tones go with every decor. Have a photo you took of nature? Dig it out and use it to freshen up your space! Remember, no matter what decorating scheme you use, you can always find something new to go with your style!

The Shell in the Grass

Shell on the grassWhen I saw this shell in the sand I thought it would really stand out against the green grass. So, I moved it and took a picture. I love the contrast of the earth tone shell against the sea grass. Once again, it’s the simple photos that make the biggest impact. The photo of the shell against the grass is awe-inspiring. The combination of earth tones and green is always a great color scheme to use in your space. Try having your basic color schemes in neutrals and then use pops of green to add interest. Not only is this classic, but will give your space a chic beach look that can be enjoyed all season long.

The Glass Sea Shell

Glass sea shellThis picture is from the same exhibit mentioned in one of my previous posts. When I saw this piece, it reminded me of sea shells I’d find along the beach. Though I doubt it’s suppose to be a shell, I couldn’t help but make the comparison. Over the years I’ve purchased small glass shells in various colors that I picked up on vacation. They’re great for displaying on a table or grouping together in a bowl. They can usually be found in gift shops along the coast, online, or at a craft store. Glass shells are a great way to add a touch of the ocean to any space. No matter your space, you can have a reminder of the ocean anytime you choose.