The Incoming Tide

Tide-water over rocks at beachAs I was walking along the beach I saw the water coming in and flowing over the rocks. I thought it would be an awesome shot if I could capture the tide. It took a few times, but I got it! I love how you can see the clear water with the sun glittering off it, and all the different rocks underneath the surf. Despite their different colors, the rocks go together seamlessly. This is the beauty of earth tones. Plus, you’ll also notice rocks that provide pops of color (red, orange, etc.) that are mixed in. This photo would be a great basis for decorating your space. Try using earth tones as a base for larger pieces then add pops of color using accessories. Additionally, you could buy a clear bowl or vase, fill part of it with rocks (easily found at your local craft or big box store), add shells, water, floating candles, and viola! You’ll instantly have a look that’s both beachy and elegant. Remember, inspiration can be found right outside your door, so be sure to keep an eye open to the world around you!

Jellyfish at the Beach

Jellyfish at the beachAs I strolled the beach in my previous post I decided to walk closer to the water. I found a few shells and thought I’d wash them out in the water. You can imagine my surprise when I looked into the water and saw that it was full of jellyfish! I decided not to stick my hand into the water, and instead opted to take a photo of the jellyfish. It’s amazing how well these creatures blend in to their environment. Photos like these are always a good conversation piece. It’s always fun to see who can find the creature or other hidden element. This is a great photo to use at a party or some other get-together. Whether it’s a photo you take yourself or buy at a store, you, too, can have a great conversation piece!

The City Park Beach

City park beachThis past weekend I decided to go exploring! There was a city park I wanted to check out, so I went there not quite knowing what to expect. After parking, you make your way through the park until you see a sign for the beach. It looked more like a random path, but down I climbed. After a few minutes of walking down hill, you see a peek of water through the trees. Once you come out of the trees, you’re met by a beach and glistening water. The beach was covered in shells, and closer to the trees were native plants and grasses. It was wonderful looking out at the water and seeing the various types of sea life. It would be great to display a grouping of similarly themed photos together to remind you of fun in the sun. No matter where you are, you can look at the pictures to remind you of sunny days and fun times!