The Ornate Skylight

Ornate skylightSkylights are a great way to let in some extra sun and brighten up a space. While most are plain glass, some are ornate and full of character. An example of this is the picture above! I saw this skylight at my local state capitol. It was placed away from the main rotunda, so most visitors wouldn’t think to look up. Those who did, however, were rewarded with a gorgeous skylight. Despite the skylights most of us have in our own homes, it is possible to get a similar look. Many home improvement stores sell ornamental window film. They come in various sizes, colors, and patterns that suit all tastes. While marketed for regular windows, you could also apply them to your skylight. You can transform your plain glass into stained glass, a field of flowers, or fine art. No matter how ordinary your skylights, you can create a unique view that is sure to amaze your guests.

Art Deco: Transom Windows

Art deco transom windowIn the same building where the light fixture in my previous post was located, they also had these beautiful art deco transom windows. Once again keeping it subtle, these were only featured over the entrances into the building and from the foyer into the main hallway. Unfortunately, most modern buildings don’t have transom windows. Do you have transom windows in your home? If so, show them off and enjoy their classic features! Like transom windows but can’t afford a renovation? Try a stained glass kit from your local craft store. You can take your creation and hang it at the top of your window to mimic a transom window. Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!