The Creek that Never Was

Trees with faux creekStaring out the window you can’t help but notice the mature trees and what looks like a small, dried up creek. It reality, this meandering indentation is a trench for an underground pipe. After installation, the trench was never filled in. As a result, I’m left with a beautiful picture of a faux creek meandering through trees! A similar picture is a great way to bring the outdoors into any room. As I’ve said in previous posts, optical illusions can provide great photographs and fun stories. No matter where you are, you’re sure to find an optical illusion that will be the perfect addition to your space!

The Creature in the Sand

Creature in the sandAs I was walking on the beach I kept seeing all these holes in the sand. Most of the sea creatures in them were buried deep and couldn’t be seen. Then I came across this one and noticed a creature inside! It looks like a crustacean of some sort, but I’m not exactly sure which variety. A photo like this would be great in a scrapbook or framed and put on a table. It’s a great conversation piece and will allow you to regale your guests with stories of your adventures. What story will you tell with your pictures? I’m sure your stories will be both entertaining and fun!