Nature’s Pop of Color

Red berriesWhen I need to stretch my legs a work I try to go for a little walk. One day I was walking by a cluster of foliage and out of the corner of my eye I see a pop of color. A cluster of red berries appears to be floating in a sea of green. Even nature likes a pop of color! Not only does it break up the various shades of green, but also attracts wildlife (another great photo opportunity). Berries are such a summer fruit, and their bright colors would be a great addition to any space. Add accessories in various shades of red to your space. These can be faux foliage, colored glass, pillows, or a piece of art. No matter what accessory you choose, you can bring nature’s pop of color into your very own space!

Beach Flowers

Purple beach flowersAs I was walking on the beach I noticed some color out of the corner of my eye. I turned to investigate and found some beautiful purple flowers. It’s always interesting how flowers can thrive in a beach environment. I love the combination of green and purple-it’s such a lovely combination! In fact, it would make a great design theme. Adding in pops of purple and green, or a similar floral pattern, is a great way to bring the summer vibe into your space. Remember, it doesn’t take a lot or time of money to spruce up your space. Whether you opt for a whole room update or a quick addition to a couch or shelf, you can easily bring a summer vibe into your space!

The Lakeside Dock

Lakeside dockIt’s the time of year when the weather is slowly starting to change. Some days it can get quite warm, and I’m already starting to think about fun in the sun. And what’s more relaxing than a water view? When I saw this dock at the lake (which I went down to) I started to think of nicer weather to come. Not to mention the awesome view I got from the dock of nearly the entire lake. This is a type of photo I’d have tacked up by my desk to remind me of Spring/Summer. Have something that reminds you of better weather? If so, take a picture and use it to remind you of better days.