The Sunning Sea Lion

Sea lion at the aquariumAs I made my way through the aquarium, I noticed a sea lion exhibit off to my right. When I went to get a better view, I saw a large sea lion (right) sunning itself. Unlike the sea lions in my previous post, this one was able to have a spot all to himself. This gives me the inspiration to create a cluster of similar sea lion pictures! You could take several pictures and create a collage, put them in a scrapbook, or frame the photos and use them to create a focal point on a wall. So what are you waiting for? With a few photos of your favorite animal, you can create a cluster of themed decor that will liven up your space!

Reptile in the City

House lizard 1

House lizard 2No matter where you live there’s always wildlife thriving around you. Case in point, the lizard pictured above! This lizard has been living on/under my front porch for years. The first time I saw it it was very small; now it just keeps growing! I happened to be working in the yard one day and was able to snap a picture while it was sunning itself. If I knew someone who loved reptiles, it would be a great idea to take the picture, frame it, and give it as a gift. Nothing says friendship like sharing a great photo. Remember it’s not only cool to decorate your own space, but to help others decorate theirs, too!