The Mighty Oak of Spring

Mighty oak treeOn one of my lunchtime walks I came across this large, old oak tree and saw the perfect inspiration for my next post. The brown trunk is a natural neutral, and the green leaves add a pop of color that draws the viewers eyes upwards. Simple, everyday photos are often the best kind to use in decorating. Why? They’ll go with nearly everything! No matter if your color scheme is black and white, pastels, monochromatic, metallics, or brights, nature-based photos will always blend in. Can’t find an old-growth tree like the one pictured to the right? Using a photo of a favorite or nearby tree will allow you to achieve this look. Now’s the perfect time to go outside and snap a few photos that will allow you to quickly, and easily, update your space!

The Towering Tree Stump

Towering tree stumpThis weekend I wanted to get out and enjoy the fresh air, so I decided to go to a park I hadn’t visited before. It had many trails and an abundance of wildlife, but as I meandered down one path I noticed an oddly shaped tree stump to my left. As I walked closer to get a better look, I noticed that this towering tree stump had a large gap in it. It looked like two wooden towers that merged together into one. Awesome! The warm hues of the wood, the green vines encasing the bottom of the trunk, and the pop of blue from the sky make this a great picture to hang on any wall. Despite what you might think, uniquely shaped trees and tree trunks aren’t too hard to find. You can find similar examples in most large parks. So what are you waiting for? With a little work you can snap a gorgeous photo that will brighten your space, and bring a little bit of nature inside!

The Path Through the Trees (Literally!)

Path through the tree trunkRemember that post I wrote a few weeks ago? I mentioned how at one point the path I was on literally went through a tree trunk. Thought I was joking? As you can see from the picture on the right, the park’s designers just cut through the trunk and continued the path down towards the beach. I really like this picture and all the symbolism it represents. It reminds us that although obstacles might try to stop us, you have to keep going! This is the type of image I’d put on a Thinking of You card. Images like this can not only benefit the one who captured the photo, but also those going through a rough patch in their life. Have an inspiring photo? Use it to bring joy, comfort, and a bit of style, to yourself or those around you.

The Tree Trunks

Tree trunksIt was a warm summer day as we walked down the path to find the beach. Off in the distance there appeared to be a trunk with mushrooms growing out of it. Once I zoomed in with my camera, I realized it was actually a shriveled up vine. Either way, this shot makes a great picture. I love how the two trunks frame the photo with the vine in between and green foliage in the background. I love it when nature frames a shot for you! This not only looks cool, but it’s fun to pick out all the little details in the picture. Notice the moss, branch, or details in the vine? You can take a similar picture anywhere there’s lots of greenery (park, beach, your own yard, etc.). No matter if your nature-made frame is tree trunks, flowers, bushes, or even water, you can have a photo that’s both beautiful and full of nature!