The Tree Trunks

Tree trunksIt was a warm summer day as we walked down the path to find the beach. Off in the distance there appeared to be a trunk with mushrooms growing out of it. Once I zoomed in with my camera, I realized it was actually a shriveled up vine. Either way, this shot makes a great picture. I love how the two trunks frame the photo with the vine in between and green foliage in the background. I love it when nature frames a shot for you! This not only looks cool, but it’s fun to pick out all the little details in the picture. Notice the moss, branch, or details in the vine? You can take a similar picture anywhere there’s lots of greenery (park, beach, your own yard, etc.). No matter if your nature-made frame is tree trunks, flowers, bushes, or even water, you can have a photo that’s both beautiful and full of nature!

Looking Up Through the Trees

Vine MapleThere’s nothing like looking up at the clouds on a sunny day! I thought this picture, taken looking up through my Vine Maple, was a great shot. You can see the beautiful green leaves against the backdrop of clouds and crisp blue sky. This type of photo would be a great addition to a bedroom or any other space that needs a pop of color. You can display a smaller photo on a shelf, or use a larger poster-size print. Sometimes it’s the simplest images that can give your space the pop of color it needs.