The Raging Waterfall

There are very few images that show the power of water like a waterfall! The picture on the right is the perfect example of this concept. The sun-kissed green grass, trees, and boulders, perfectly frame the photo. The gushing water, along with the delicate spray, make this the perfect image to celebrate summer. How are you decorating for the summer season? Whether it’s gushing waterfalls, mountain lakes, or lazy rivers, you’re sure to find the perfect water element to fit your space!

The Bridge Over the Falls

Walking further down from the location where I took the picture in my previous post, I saw a wooden bridge off in the distance. The bridge, almost appearing to be suspended between two trees, is positioned over the largest waterfall in the park. A similar photo would look great in a living or dining room. The unique look, along with the play of light and shadow, would be a great addition to your spring decor. You can easily take a similar photo by going to your local park or finding an area with a railroad bridge. No matter what type of bridge you decide to photograph, you can easily bring this architectural element into your space.

The Waterfall Park

Main waterfallThe picture above features the main waterfall from a park I’ve posted about previously and is adjacent to the mini waterfalls. I love the powerful image of the water flowing over the top and crashing down onto the rocks, creating white spray as it descends. You can see the trees and foliage that have fallen victim to the water over the years. Despite this, I think all the greenery does an excellent job of framing the waterfall. What a gorgeous sight! This type of photo is something I’d display in a den, office, or bedroom. Sometimes in life you have to just go with the flow, and a similar photo could be a reminder. Not only does nature look beautiful, but it can also inspire you as you’re going through tough times.