The Cherry Trees of Spring

As the weather starts to get warmer and the days get longer, it can only mean one thing: time for cherry blossoms! There are a lot of cherry trees where I work, so every year I get to enjoy the beautiful flowers. The picture above shows one of the trees with the sun illuminating it from behind. This shot juxtaposes the perfect amount of light and shadow on the tree, giving the photo the perfect amount of contrast. A cherry, or any other type of flowering tree, is the perfect subject to photograph for use in your spring decor. Whether your picture occupies a tabletop or an entire wall, you can easily bring in the beauty of spring with a simple picture.

Sailing into Sunday

Sailboats on the soundDespite the chilly temperatures, there are still opportunities to get outside. On a recent trip to a local park, I saw a group of boaters taking advantage of the slightly warmer weather. Pictures like these are perfect this time of year because it gives you a sense of the warmer weather to come. Adding a similar photo to your decor gives an unexpected pop of spring to any room. Remember, no matter the time of year or the weather, you can also use a photo of the outdoors to bring any season into your space.

Whale Rock at the Beach

Whale rock at beach_oceanIn some of my previous posts, I’ve discussed capturing unique images that can be interpreted in multiple ways. I spotted a rock (right) among the waves and instantly thought it looked like a small whale! I love the look of the sandy beach, the rock surrounded by water, and the waves in the background. This is not only a unique photo, but the earth tones in the shot will compliment any space. Do you have beach photos featuring unique rock or sand formations? If so, now’s the time to display them! Not only are they a reminder of warmer weather, but also a great way to show off the uniqueness of nature!

Bunches of Creamy Cherry Blossoms

Creamy cherry blossom treeEven though the weather has currently taken a turn for the worst, I’ll always have beautiful, inspiring photos to look at! On the right you’ll see a picture of the creamy cherry blossom tree I used in a previous post. It’s great to be able to look back and enjoy nature’s beauty on rainy days. These types of photos are a great way to not only bring a bit of nature into your space, but also a way to remind you of brighter days ahead!

Rain and Sun through the Window

Rain and sun through windowLast week the weather here was kind of sporadic. We dealt with a combination rain, wind, and sun throughout the week. One afternoon I looked up and noticed droplets of rain on my window, along with the bright sun peeking out from behind the clouds. I thought it was a pretty cool shot, so I took a photo! We’ve all seen similar pictures in galleries, so why buy those when you can create your own? You can easily create and display a similar picture in your space. All you really need is a window and the weather of your choice. Whether you chose a scene reminiscent of spring, summer, winter, or fall, you’ll create a gallery-worthy look that’s all your own!

The Lakeside Dock

Lakeside dockIt’s the time of year when the weather is slowly starting to change. Some days it can get quite warm, and I’m already starting to think about fun in the sun. And what’s more relaxing than a water view? When I saw this dock at the lake (which I went down to) I started to think of nicer weather to come. Not to mention the awesome view I got from the dock of nearly the entire lake. This is a type of photo I’d have tacked up by my desk to remind me of Spring/Summer. Have something that reminds you of better weather? If so, take a picture and use it to remind you of better days.

Use Photos to Remind You of Nicer Weather

Sunny day at lakeFor most of us, when we look outside we see snow, rain, sleet, or lots of clouds…how dreary! Want to cheer yourself up? Use some of the photos you took when the weather was nice! I took this photo of the lake on a sunny day just before the weather started to turn cold. It would be great to put this photo in a tabletop frame or blow it up to poster size. Looking at it reminds me of better weather; and gives me something to look forward to. Have old vacation photos? Frame those sunny photos and give yourself something nice to look at-enjoy nice weather year-round with photos!