Under the Sea at Home

There’s nothing like a trip to the aquarium! You get to see all the wonders of the ocean like rocky shores, exotic fish, coral, and sea anemones. But wouldn’t it be nice to take that aquarium home with you? The obvious solution is to take pictures from your trip, enlarge them, and put them on your wall. Not only is it a great memory from a fun day out, but it creates a colorful addition to your space. A picture similar to the one on the right would look great in a living room or dining room. You don’t need to go on an expensive, fancy vacation to get a great shot of sea life. An aquarium ticket and a camera are the perfect combination to easily bring the sea into your home.

Two Friends Getting Lunch

Geese dining at lakeOn one of my walks I noticed several large groups of geese at the far end of the lake. As I got closer, I noticed that two of the geese had broken off from their group and were bobbing for lunch. I was glad I was able to capture the geese as they were both sticking their heads into the water. Aside from being a great shot, I like how you can see the individual ripples of water around each goose. The geese, foliage, and algae against the blue of the water makes this photo even better. Interested in taking a similar photo? It might take a bit of work, but you, too, can photograph a pair of animal friends! If you’re out in nature, start by looking for groups of animals-they will likely be near a body of water. There are always a few that will drift off from the group, and when this happens it’s your chance to snap a photo. You could also try taking photographs at your local zoo. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find your own pair of animal friends!

The Fluffy Fox

Arctic FoxAs you walk around my local zoo one of the last exhibits you encounter are the Arctic Foxes. They were sleep on this particular visit, but they’re still cute curled up as little fluff balls. This reminds me of those furry throw pillows you can find at big box stores. A classic color for these pillows is white, and they would look great on a couch or loveseat. You can also find these pillows in other colors, like purple, blue, or hot pink. These would be a great pop of color for any room. Once again, we see that inspiration can come from nature-especially if it’s fluffy and cute!

The Lone Wolf

Red WolfIt’s the lone wolf! Specifically, it’s a Red Wolf. These wolves really blend in, and it was hard to spot them in the exhibit. There were several of them, but I liked how this wolf fell asleep while basking in the sun. The colors of the wolf-red, black/grey, and white-are shades that work in nature and at home. These colors would be the perfect addition to your space. They naturally work together, and one can choose a fabric that blends all of the colors together, or items that have each of these colors. As I’ve mentioned before, nature is a great place to get ideas for decorating your space. If you use color schemes found in nature, you’re guaranteed to have an awesome space!

Otter Friends

Otter friendsThis is one of my favorite pictures I took at my local zoo and aquarium. It’s so cute! I love how the otters keep close to each other. It was sunny the day I took this photo, and they were sunning themselves while floating on the surface of the water. Just a couple of friends hanging out together (who just happen to be otters). A photo like this would be the perfect image for the front cover of the scrapbook project. It will remind you of a great day spent with friends, and shows that friendships form in all species.

African Starfish

African starfishAs I made my way through the aquarium something caught my eye…a starfish! Not just any starfish, but a red and blue African Starfish! These colors are part of another great decorating theme: nautical. If you can’t re-do your entire space, spruce it up with accessories. Striped pillows with hues of red, blue, and white, nautical flags, pictures of trips to the ocean or aquarium, anchors, and other ocean-themed items. Once again, a simple photo can be the inspiration for an updated space!

Graceful Jellyfish

JellyfishOne of the coolest thing about my local zoo is that it’s a zoo and aquarium. This allows visitors, including myself, to see a large variety of creatures. While exploring the aquarium section I came across these jellyfish. I love how effortlessly they glide through the water. Jellyfish look so simple and delicate, but can be quite deadly. Aside from the scrapbook project mentioned previously, I think this is the type of photo that would look great blown up and hung on the wall. The black-light used in the tank makes the jellyfish appear purple-ish. This would make a great inspiration for a design theme: purple, white, and black. You could use different colored pillows, blankets, accessories, or paint to decorate your space. You can use your own favorite animal-based photo for your design theme. All you need is an inspiring photo and your imagination!

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Tiger at zooWhen I saw this beautiful cat I was in total awe! I love cats of all kinds, and was able to find a spot at this exhibit without a lot of people in order to get this photo. It appears the Tiger was eating a treat left by the zookeeper. A Tiger can represent so many things: power, grace, strength, etc. A picture of a wild cat in a nice frame is the perfect gift to any cat lover. This was a great picture, and would be the perfect addition to the scrapbook project mentioned in my previous post. What else will go in our scrapbook? You’ll have to keep reading my blog to find out!

The Elephant

Elephant at the zooGoing to the zoo is like going on a mini global safari. You can see animals from all around the word at your own pace and in a day. I saw this elephant at my local zoo and had to take a photo! This elephant is part of the Asian Elephant exhibit-one of the first major exhibits you encounter. It was very crowded the day I went, but I was still able to get a pretty good shot. I love how big, yet graceful, these elephants are. This backdrop (the zoo) would be the perfect occasion to create a scrapbook of your day at the zoo. Once you’ve finished your scrapbook, you can display it on a table or shelf. Instant decoration that shows memories of an awesome day!

Nature Photography: Air

FalconWhile some animals aren’t exclusive to colder climates, certain varieties are. An example is this falcon I photographed. The white plumage is the perfect complement to any winter decor. Plus, the wood board background adds a rustic feel to any space. This picture can be hung in a main living area, bedroom, or office. You can frame as many types of animals that you’d like-your only limitation is your imagination.