Thanksgiving Decor: Part 4

In this final Thanksgiving post I’ll be sharing how to dress up your table! Since my family only use three of the six chairs at the dining table, that allows me to decorate the half not in use. Below you’ll see a few pictures from this year’s table. I have our traditional poinsettia tablecloth adorned with various decorations.

Thanksgiving_dining room

I have pumpkins, leaves, a festive flower arrangement, and a turkey. The majority of the decorations on the table were purchased at craft stores. The glass pumpkin in the center of the table was purchased at a glass studio. You can find great pieces at reasonable prices at many glass studios, so keep your eye out for pieces that can be used both year-round and on special occasions.

Thanksgiving_dining room table

At the center of the table I have a vase filled with various autumn foliage and a small turkey. The foliage brings together all the elements in the room, and the turkey adds a bit of whimsy to the table.

Thanksgiving_dining room table-close up

I hope you enjoyed my Thanksgiving decor and found inspiration for your own space. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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