Elegance without the Electrical Work

Most would agree that nothing brings elegance to a room like a crystal chandelier. However, most would also agree that the expense of purchasing and installing such a grand piece of lighting is out of most people’s reach. So, how can you bring this piece of elegance into your space? Use a picture! Hanging a large photo of your favorite (or a famous) chandelier in a dining, living, or bedroom is a great way to upgrade the style of your space. And the best part? There are so many styles to choose from that you can easily find one that fits your decor. Whether you prefer metal, whimsical, industrial, antique, modern, or a contemporary style, you can easily bring the elegance of a chandelier into your home.

Decorating with Door Knobs: Part 3

Door knob with state sealFor my third post in this series, I’ll be showcasing a very unique door knob. It’s antique hardware that features an uppercase ‘W’ at either end, along with a portrait of George Washington on the door’s knob. The color of the hardware is a perfect match with the stain of the door’s wood.

Door knob with state seal_close-up

As seen in the close-up (above), the knob is actually a replica of the official Washington State seal. Though you’ll likely not find something exactly like this for your home, there are ways to use antique hardware to give your space a special touch. You could keep your door’s basic hardware and only replace the door knob itself with an antique. You can usually find these knobs at antique/vintage shops or second-hand stores. This strategy allows for a great pairing of new and old hardware. I hope you’ve enjoyed my series on door knobs, and were able to find great inspiration for your space!

Decorating with Door Knobs: Part 2

Law library door handle_interiorFor today’s post, I’ll be concentrating on a door located in the same building as my previous post. You can see how the design of the interior door’s hardware (right) is similar to that of the exterior door. This is a great example of how you can have similar, but not matching, hardware throughout your space to create a cohesive look. Since many brands have lines of similar-looking hardware that come in various sizes, textures, and knob types, you can easily accomplish this look in your own space. No matter what style you choose, you can create a cohesive look that will update your space, inside and out!

Decorating with Door Knobs: Part 1

Law library door handlesWhile it’s not uncommon for people to update various elements of their space, a room’s door is usually ignored. Although most think the only way to make a substantial update to a door is to paint it, there’s a quicker, less messy option: install new door hardware! Adding updated hardware can modernize even the oldest door, and can also give the door any look you want (vintage, retro, Victorian, antique, etc.). In the next several posts I’ll be showing examples of hardware that you can use in your own space. First up are the door handles leading into my local law library. As seen above, this is a double-door entry that features door handles instead of knobs. Given the size of the doors and their location in an old, historic building, this hardware is the perfect pairing with its surroundings.

Law library door handle_close-up

The close-up photo (above) shows the intricate patterns around the perimeter of the hardware, as well as various detailing at the top and bottom. Want the same look in your own space? Similar hardware can be found at online retailers, as well as big box hardware stores. Whether you choose a style with knobs or handles, you can easily update your space and add new life to an old door!

Lightly Etched Glass

Lightly etched fixtureWhen you walk under lights you tend to notice only the shape and overall design. However, when I saw this light, it appeared to feature etched glass. The etching was so faint I could barely see it, but on closer inspection I was able to see a design and pattern on the glass. As seen below, the light features various patterns and designs that complement the fixture’s shape and its scalloped, copper-colored base.

Lightly etched fixture_close up

Using glass that is lightly etched is a great way to add style without taking away from the other features in the room. If installing a new light fixture in your ceiling is a bit daunting, try using lamps in various sizes and shapes to get a similar look. No matter what type of fixture you use, you’ll have a light that not only brightens your space, but also provides a unique accent to any room.

Decorating with Clocks: Part 4

Wall clock_living roomWelcome to my fourth, and final, post on decorating with clocks! For today’s post, I’ll be concentrating on a clock you may have seen in the background of several other posts. Specifically, I’ll be showcasing the wall clock in my living room. We brought this clock back from Europe (I’m an Army brat) and have proudly displayed it from house to house. As seen on the right, the clock is oak with a brass-colored face that features roman numerals. The weights and pendulum, which are not decorative but are used to operate the clock, are also brass in color.

Wall clock face_living roomA close-up of the face, also shown right, shows the details of intricately etched clock face. Unlike the clocks shown in my previous posts, clocks like these are different in that their size and weight limit their location. Despite this, they can be a focal point and conversation piece precisely because they are so different. If you can’t make it to Europe to pick one up, they can be found online, at military bases, and in some antique stores. They come in a variety of finishes that guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Old School Postal Box

5-24-15_IMG_1395 copyWhen I saw this antique postal box in a building, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! While it’s no longer in use, the postal box has been kept in perfect condition over the years. Vintage items like this are great conversation pieces, and also makes you think about the craftsmanship we use to put into everyday items. Looking to add some vintage charm of your own? There are several ways you can get the vintage postal look for your own space! One option is to take a photo of a vintage mail box and hang it on your wall. You’ll find these types of mail boxes in historic or old government buildings. Interested in something more authentic and 3-D? There are several companies that sell antique and replica vintage postal boxes that you can purchase and install in your home (or even outside). No matter which way you choose to show off your vintage tastes, you’ll have a conversation piece that will entertain your guests for years to come!

Once again, I want to give a big thanks to everyone who read my 200th post! Keep frequenting my blog for more great ideas and inspiration!

A Lighted Path to City Lights

Lit city pathThe upside of having to work late? Being able to get great shots of city lights! It’s amazing how an area can be transformed once illuminated by bright lights. I love the glow of the antique lights along the street and the twinkling lights of the city in the distance. A similar photo would look great enlarged and hung on a dining room wall. Next time you might be out late, be sure to take your camera along. You could end up getting a shot that transforms your view of everyday surroundings!

Lamps Are Accent Pieces, Too

Antique LampLooking to change the look of a room? Try a new lamp! It’s a great way to try out new styles on a budget. Start with the type of style you want-metal, glass, stone, acrylic, clay, etc. You can also decide if you want a plain lamp or one with some sort of design on it. The lamp pictured, which has a dark base and features a glass shade with beads, blends perfectly with my furniture and other accessories. This lamp allowed me to see how an antique vibe would look in my space-and it works! Can’t afford to buy a new lamp? Try using one that’s currently in another room. You’d be surprised how using what you already have in new ways can update a room!

There’s a Hurricane (Lamp) Coming

Hurricane LampPersonally, I love hurricane lamps! However, it can be hard to find lamps that are both in good condition and reasonably priced. I try to look for hurricane lamps that are unusual in shape in color (like the one pictured). If you’re trying to find one, don’t limit yourself to shopping at antique stores. Try flea markets, crafters’ malls, and local glass blowing studios. Whether the hurricane lamp is new or old doesn’t matter, only that it fits your personality and space. Give it a try-you’d be surprised how this classic type of lamp can fit with any decor!