Decorating with Door Knobs: Part 3

Door knob with state sealFor my third post in this series, I’ll be showcasing a very unique door knob. It’s antique hardware that features an uppercase ‘W’ at either end, along with a portrait of George Washington on the door’s knob. The color of the hardware is a perfect match with the stain of the door’s wood.

Door knob with state seal_close-up

As seen in the close-up (above), the knob is actually a replica of the official Washington State seal. Though you’ll likely not find something exactly like this for your home, there are ways to use antique hardware to give your space a special touch. You could keep your door’s basic hardware and only replace the door knob itself with an antique. You can usually find these knobs at antique/vintage shops or second-hand stores. This strategy allows for a great pairing of new and old hardware. I hope you’ve enjoyed my series on door knobs, and were able to find great inspiration for your space!

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