A Bridge, a Road, and a River

Sometimes the most ordinary things can give us inspiration. While a bridge, road, and river alone aren’t necessarily special, together they can create a unique picture. An example is the photo above that captures just such a scene. The picture includes a curving road beside a river that is capped by a symmetrical metal bridge. The early morning sky, sun filtering in through the trees off-camera, and the green grass and bushes dotting the shoreline create a serene picture that would go with any decor. Enlarging a similar picture and placing it in a den or family room is an easy way to update your decorating theme. Can’t find a place nearby with all three elements? Even having two of the three features (i.e. a bridge and a road, or bridge and a river) would still create a great focal point in a room. No matter which combination you choose, photos are an easy way to bring an architectural look into your home.

The Tower Along the Waterway

About a month ago I took the day off and had a Girls Day with one of my co-workers. We ended up going to the Museum of Glass, which is situated along the waterfront. After checking out the exhibits, which gave me a ton of design ideas, we took a walk along the Thea Foss Waterway. As we walked, I started seeing number towers along the pathway. Noticing how they lined up with other interesting elements, I decided to take a photo! I love how you can see foliage in both the foreground and background, the masts of the ships in the background, the towers of the bridge, the Tacoma Dome, and the sky full of billowy clouds. The other elements make a great backdrop to the large number 16 tower that is the center of this photo. This is a perfect example of how you can take beautiful outdoor shots even when the weather starts to turn (you can capture a similar look by traveling to your nearest waterway or ship yard). With Fall now upon us, this is the perfect time to update your space for the new season!

The Bridge Over the Falls

Walking further down from the location where I took the picture in my previous post, I saw a wooden bridge off in the distance. The bridge, almost appearing to be suspended between two trees, is positioned over the largest waterfall in the park. A similar photo would look great in a living or dining room. The unique look, along with the play of light and shadow, would be a great addition to your spring decor. You can easily take a similar photo by going to your local park or finding an area with a railroad bridge. No matter what type of bridge you decide to photograph, you can easily bring this architectural element into your space.

A Christmas Tablescape

Christmas tablescape 2016Happy Christmas Eve! Above is my tablescape for this year’s dining room table. It features a variety of items in different textures. Out of everything on the table, only three items were bought this year; everything else we already owned. I prefer to use things we already own as much as possible not only because it’s more economical, but also the items have more meaning. In addition, the crystal bowl behind the town scene is filled with brightly colored bulbs and bows, which brings together both traditional and modern holiday colors. Wishing you all a festive and fun Christmas Eve!

A Well Lit Table

When people talk about illuminating their tables, they typically only think of candles. However, there are many different items you can use besides candles to create a well lit scene. On my table, I decided to use a ceramic Christmas café that lights up. The illuminated building is shown below.

Ceramic Christmas cafe

To give the piece more interest during the day, I also added a bridge and three pine trees (all ceramic). I created a pond using blue scrapbook paper and arranged the trees around its outer banks. As seen below, the illuminated building provides the perfect amount of light for the other pieces.

Christmas cafe_bridge_trees

Interested in a similar look? You can find plain ceramic pieces at most craft stores. You can either leave them unpainted like I did, or paint them how you’d like. Whether you use candles, illuminated ceramics, or a combination of both, you can create a table that’s both festive and unique.

Underneath the Bridge

Underneath the bridge_riverThis is a shot of underneath the bridge pictured in my previous post. Since I love architecture, I just had to get a picture as I walked under the bridge! I love seeing the ‘guts’ of a structure and how it’s put together. It’s always interesting to see how such a large structure was constructed. A photo like this would be great to display on a wall along with various shots of the same bridge. You could display pictures that feature the view from above (on top of) the bridge, from below, and on the side. Hanging these together would no only look quite gorgeous, but also allow you to show off you photography skills!

The River Under the Bridge

River under the bridgeThis photo is similar to one I took for a previous post, but is a wider shot that shows two bridges with the river flowing underneath. I love how the bridges and trees frame the river, and the brightness of the sun on the water. A picture like this can inspire so many projects! A similar photo could be framed and displayed on a shelf or wall. You could take the colors in the picture-green, grey, brown, blue-and use them as your decorating theme. Add these colors to your space by using throw pillows, vases, faux foliage, or other accessories to bring the outdoors in. It’s amazing how one photo can inspire a myriad of projects to update and decorate your space. You can use your favorite photo to not only to display a great shot, but also to inspire a decorating theme that’s uniquely you!

Wall of Venetian Art

The Venetian WallThis picture was taken at the center section of the museum bridge. This installation is called the Venetian Wall, and is made up of 109 different glass sculptures. Despite the size of this art piece, it is possible to replicate this in a small space. Choose a bookshelf that fits your space (many are on sale this time of year), and fill part or all of it with glass pieces. These can be any style you want and can be purchased at big box, craft, or second-hand stores. Display a wide variety of colors and shapes to get the feel of the wall in my photo. Not only will your wall create a conversation piece, but will also let you show off beautiful art!

Bridge of Glass: Towers

Crystal TowersThis picture is another art installation along the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. It’s a photo of the Crystal Towers, which marks the center of the bridge. Blue is one of my favorite colors, so I had to get a shot of these tall pieces of art. At night the towers are illuminated, thus being a focal point both during the day and in the evening. Do you have a local landmark that lights up at night? Take pictures of it during the day and at night, and then display the photos on your wall. This will give the object you photograph two distinct looks. Whether you decide to display both images at once or swap them out with the seasons, you can have two unique perspectives on a local landmark!

Bridge of Glass: Ceiling

Glass bridge ceilingThis is a picture of an art installation, named the Seaform Pavilion, adjacent to the museum I’ve previously blogged about. The ceiling is part of the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. It’s part of a bridge that spans over a highway and links two different museums. As I was crossing the bridge I was surprised to look up and see this beautiful ceiling. I love how they layered the various pieces above the main glass panel. Though it may seem impossible, you can get this look in your very own space. If you have a glass table with a display space underneath, you can layer various glass pieces from a craft or second-hand store underneath. You could also purchase a shallow bowl or apothecary jar and use the same layering technique to display you favorite pieces. The best part? Since you created it, it will be the perfect reflection of your style and personality!