The River Under the Bridge

River under the bridgeThis photo is similar to one I took for a previous post, but is a wider shot that shows two bridges with the river flowing underneath. I love how the bridges and trees frame the river, and the brightness of the sun on the water. A picture like this can inspire so many projects! A similar photo could be framed and displayed on a shelf or wall. You could take the colors in the picture-green, grey, brown, blue-and use them as your decorating theme. Add these colors to your space by using throw pillows, vases, faux foliage, or other accessories to bring the outdoors in. It’s amazing how one photo can inspire a myriad of projects to update and decorate your space. You can use your favorite photo to not only to display a great shot, but also to inspire a decorating theme that’s uniquely you!

One thought on “The River Under the Bridge

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