The Blazing Cloud

Blazing cloud at sunsetIt’s amazing the things you see at sunset. The clouds and sky become an array of colors. The photo on the right is an example of a cloud that’s illuminated by the setting sun. This is one of a group of clouds that was blazing across the evening sky. I love how the bottom of the cloud looks like it’s filled with fire, while the top is dark, preparing for nightfall. This contrast highlights how different colors can go so well together. If you want to create a similar contrast in your own space, there are several different combinations you can try: gold and grey, navy and bright green, grey and pink, or the classic black and white. Using contrasting colors allows you to have the best of both worlds: a pop of color and a neutral to balance it out. No matter what color combination you choose, you’ll have a perfectly paired space that’s all you!

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Woodstove fireWhen people think of glowing fires they usually picture a big fireplace. In my case, I live in a home that has a wood stove. Despite this, I can still get an awesome shot of the fire burning! There are several ways to achieve a shot like this. It can be taken through the glass or, as I did, open the door for a few seconds and snap a quick shot. Just the image of these flames warms me up! This would be a great conversation piece to hang in a den or family room, especially during the winter. The dark, earthy colors in addition to the bright flames creates a cozy, warm feel in any space! So remember, no matter what your source of warmth, you can get a great picture that will give your decor a warm glow!

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Thanksgiving Decor: Part 3

In my previous two posts I concentrated on decor in my living room (accent wall and above the window). In this post, I’ll be showing you how I decorated the dining room. I’ll start by showing you the space above our painting. This space is great for decorating, so I usually put something in this area for major holidays. As seen below, I use Happy Thanksgiving signs, foliage, and autumn food to decorate this area.

Dining room decor_painting

Next, we’ll look at the chandelier and window. Like the living room, I used garland to decorate the space above the window. I also used a smaller, shorter garland and wrapped it around the chandelier. When decorating a chandelier, it’s important to use light-weight items and make sure they don’t come in contact with any of the lights.

Living room decor_window and chandelier

Living room decor_chandelier

I hope you enjoyed this post on Thanksgiving decor. Check back for more ideas on decorating your home for Thanksgiving!