Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Woodstove fireWhen people think of glowing fires they usually picture a big fireplace. In my case, I live in a home that has a wood stove. Despite this, I can still get an awesome shot of the fire burning! There are several ways to achieve a shot like this. It can be taken through the glass or, as I did, open the door for a few seconds and snap a quick shot. Just the image of these flames warms me up! This would be a great conversation piece to hang in a den or family room, especially during the winter. The dark, earthy colors in addition to the bright flames creates a cozy, warm feel in any space! So remember, no matter what your source of warmth, you can get a great picture that will give your decor a warm glow!

I’ll be adding a new video soon to my YouTube channel, so be sure to check the My Videos page for updates!

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